Friday, November 11, 2011

Camping or BUST

BUST!  This trip turned out to be pretty hilarious but it started off ok.  Some people would say we were crazy to go in the first place but seriously what are we supposed to do.  We live in the desert and we have an entire week off school and Nick had 3 days off work.  For the less adventuresome and outdoorsy, I get it but for us...we enjoy doing something with a little unknown, plus this camping trip involved almost the entire expat population.  

So we spent 2 days preparing, packing, cooking, shopping, etc and on Sunday at 10:30 in the morning we met a slew of other campers in the Villagio Mall parking lot.  It was there the adventure began.  Our ring leaders the Gouldens are experienced boy scouts so we felt very confident as followers.  Jan gave each car a pink Post-It note to put in our window so we could keep track of all the cars driving to our campsite at Umm Bab.  Brilliant idea since were TWENTY FIVE (25) cars heading that way.   

Here are a couple pics of our beautiful scenic drive...don't you see why there is good reason to get out of this city and closer to the few beautiful spots this country has to offer. 
Heard of goats...can you spot their that what you call him?
Simply said...
Car #1 has the yellow canoes, Car #3 is Nick's FJ, I was car #20 of 25
Eventually we had to give up the paved road and only one car got stuck in the sand.
Do you see it?  Wait for it...
Our campsite! 
What, you're not blown away by the beauty?
Oh and obviously its not an official campsite.
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
Setting up shop...should have had a few more stakes, if you know what I mean?
Set up was warm! Not sure what we're doing but we look deep in thought or on a mission.
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
Look who else wanted to go camping??
That is why we do this...what a thrill for all of us.
Georgia was so excited about the camels....
tried getting a pic of the three but the little one refused to look at the camera
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
  (pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
Georgia enjoying a little lunch.
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi)  
 Little dip in the water. 
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi)
Best buddies!
Sic Em! 
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
Group shot!  We had a total of 78 campers.  This picture was taken just before the last 7 arrived and Georgia was asleep in the car.
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi)
Sherry is hands down the best photog in Doha and has become one my dear friends and neighbors in our new compound. She took all these beautiful pictures I've borrowed.  She has also let me tag along on a photo shoot and is sharing with me all kinds of expertise.  I feel blessed and want to soak up every second with her.  She's extremely talented and if you're in her and book a shoot! 
(pic courtesy of Sherry Patrizi) 
  Birthday boy and Barrett!
My man prepping for the fire.  
Arabian sunset
Lots and lots of kids of all ages!  Such a fun group. 
Girlies watching daddies play washers
Cres celebrating his 4th birthday!!!
We intentionally wanted to up the ratio of boy toys to girl toys at the Harris house.  
Ragga-muffin cupcake face!
After the kiddos were in bed we roasted marshmallows...sounds backwards. 
My man tending to the fire.  This trip ends with a big fat loss but one thing is for sure, I was reminded why I love him so much!  He took such good care of us all weekend.  Not just unpacking and setting up but a lengthy amount of time trying to get a certain 18 month old to go to sleep for a nap and bedtime.  He worked so hard and didn't mind at all.  I love him!
After the campfire and off to our tents for the world worst night of sleep. 
Started with the tent full of our family, including a pack n' play. I moved to sleep in the car at about 1am because the wind was slapping against the tent so hard.  Never occurred to me that a storm might be brewing.  At 2:30, Sherry appeared in my car worried that we needed to get up and start packing considering all of our stuff and kids.  The sky above was pretty clear but off in the distance was a beautiful lightening storm.  Tents were blowing away!  Oh and somewhere between midnight and 3am both of our boys had puked in the tent on their sleeping bags.  No reason, just puked.  Not sick, just puked. By 4:30am the sky was full of clouds and we were all packed up waiting for the sun to come up.  Still hadn't seen rain but the wind was crazy and no doubt one of the 2 rain storms Qatar sees a YEAR was heading our way!  It was too dangerous and uncertain to leave during while dark.  Mostly dangerous because with our flashlights Brad and I ran into a big BLACK scorpion.  He killed it immediately and I got in my car and never hit the sand again.
Crashed out in the car waiting to leave. 
Emery and Georgia supervising the pack-up
Heading back and into the great big gray clouds. We were home before 8am.
The aftermath...
We enjoyed our breakfast tacos, the serious rain storm and a big fat nap at home instead of at camp.  And we're still washing out throw-up and sand BUT we made some good memories and will laugh about that special 20 hours for a long long time!


Caryn said...

Oh my goodness, what an adventure/nightmare!! Amazing pictures of your sweet family in the sand. I am LOVING all your posts and getting a little glimpse into what you guys have been up to, I miss you and LOVE YOU!!

Christine said...

Oh My Gracious! That was an unbelievable night. Love all the pictures of your quick trip. That caravan was super impressive! You guys are the cutest family. Love it!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

oh wendi...i LOVE reading your posts!!!! you crack me up and i love all the fun things your cute family does!!!! i was laughing out loud when i saw the picture of the camels!!! so fun!

shannonmichaelis said...

Don't even know where to start!

This post is super fun, creative, hilarious, and yes, a bust. But what memories! Who else can say they have camped with so. many. people. in the desert!

Loving the new lens...

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

Those are the best, and definitely make the best stories later in life. Sometimes you just need a little adventure!