Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simple Doha Days

Our recent Doha days are mostly slow and simple. I remind myself to be thankful for them when we seem bored. We've had a lot of unusual rain but the last week has been beautiful. The rain must have done something to me. I feel like I've been in the trenches these last few weeks. The revolving door of our friends and the usual exhaustion of being a mommy has required more of me to be deliberate and mindful of my time, attitude and energy. I'm definitely thankful for a great Bible study I just started. Its so timely. We're reading the book Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham.
As expats we live in wonder of where we'll be next and when we'll be going, especially during times when it seems everyone is moving on. I've never felt like SO much was SO out of my control. In ways its freeing and it other ways it takes a constant reminder and discipline to surrender our future and more importantly my day. I love living in Doha and don't want to miss these moments we have in such a unique situation. Its not forever, thats for sure.

Really, there's not much to report but there are plenty of simple moments I'll want to remember 20 years from now. I'm trying to hang on to these times when babies just keep growing and teaching me how to be better for them in every way. Goodness gracious I love them so much and couldn't be more thankful! Although at this moment I'd like to put the eldest in a permanent dog-kennel-time-out for the rest of the week.

Playing - Brooks' new love = BOOTS!

Tolan's birthay at the zoo


Georgia loves to get her paws in the fridge

Its official...she's a girl and there is a daily difference in our lives. The screeeeching is enough to drive us crazy but the sweetness makes up for it.

Two Peas

Baking PW's cinnamon rolls

Crazy Hair day at school turned this one literally crazy!

Pizza with friends

T ball
Barrett is a volunteer player which is why he's not photographed. He's missing a little focus for the game.




Jennie and Eric said...

I just love love love this post. . . it's the simple things that are so treasured!

Middle Matilda said...

enjoy the simple times, my young friend. The complications of more activities, puberty, major homework assignments, etc. will sneak up on you without warning!

Caryn said...

Those dog kennels are plenty roomie for a 5 year olds ;). HA! I hear ya on that one!! And the attitude check and enjoying the simple days - I am right there with you...just wish I was right there with you in a more literal since. Love you

Rick and Beth said...

Keep the faith, Wendi. Your service to your family is a sweet aroma to the Lord. I struggle to keep sight of that as well. It just feels like tasks sometimes to me. But, it's much, much more than that. May God remind us moment by moment that what He calls us to, He enables.

Hodder said...

Hey Wendi and Nick. Jennifer Heitzmann and I quickly realized when we met back in August that we had a mutual acquintance--YOU. It's only been 10 years since the Baylor days but we definitely remember you all. It's fun to catch up on your overseas experience as well. I definitely understand the mommyhood thing. We have such an important task to model for our children yet so many times the errands and such get in the way of remembering the good times. I just ordered the book "One Thousand Gifts" that has great reviews back in the States for finding a way to keep focused in the midst of it all. You can check out our journeys at

Jackie said...

Oh these pictures are too sweet! Makes me want to jump on a plane and head over there!! Ms. Georgia is killing me with her precious smile!!! I love that Nick is their tball coach!! Enjoy every minute! Miss ya'll!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the boots and shorts! Looks like something Nick would have done at that age. And the t-ball - we start that soon. is Georgia really old enough to get in the fridge? Barrett with the Mater t-shirt - too funny. Miss those kiddos, but especially their momma!