Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2 in Paris

We slept extremely late after our first night of sleep in Paris. Jet lag was full gear. We left the apartment and discovered my favorite bakery/cafe. The bread and pastries were unreal.

Georgia enjoying her asiago cheese stick for what she thought was breakfast but it was lunchtime in Paris.

We survived Paris without taking the subway. It just wasn't in our best interest considering the strollers and load. So...we walked! As we made our way from our apartment to the Louvre we saw some beautiful buildings and scenery. No time to whip out the books to get names and history, so I just observed and took pics.

Outside the Louvre

They're happy! Its pretty cold at this point. We were encouraging blood flow by getting them out of the stroller.

Inside the outer part of the Louvre. That place is HUGE. Sorry I'm not the history or art buff...I had no idea. It was spectacular!

Throwing coins in the fountain.

Professional pigeon chasers! Good for warming up!

The fam, minus Georgia. She missed a lot of photo-ops but stayed warm and asleep.


Finally inside the Louvre but still upstairs.

This picture is taken on the open elevator we took down to the bottom floor and official entrance. The building outside the glass is part of the museum. Seriously huge.

The Louvre architect, I.M. Pei also designed the Museum of Islamic Art here in Doha. I definitely saw similar style.

First room we landed in was this and wasn't to be missed by the boys. They mostly mentioned the "biscuits" (what we call the rear-end at our house). Lots of laughs when we walked around there. To be fair, I was warned about the "P" room by one of my dear friends who has 3 boys. Sure enough...its a room full!



Georgia and Mona

Bees loved Mona.

We stayed at the museum for over two hours looking a various things. We hardly scratched the surface and left lots for the next time we're childfree. By the time we wrapped things up it was beginning to get dark and the Louvre was starting to light up. Beautiful.

One of the motivators for the boys to be patient was a trip to McDonalds. We finally made it. Pretty swanky McDonalds in Paris. It had its own coffee bar with all kinds of pastries of course.

After the boys got a quick snack we headed to the river for a little boat ride. We had lots of recommendations to take the hour long cruise at night in order to see the city all lit up. It was awesome and of course a huge hit with the boys.

Georgia enjoyed a break from the stroller and her warm bunny suit.

Mr. Eiffel as we floated by...

Part of the boat was enclosed and warm which is where we stayed most of the time.
Quick outside pic.

The "other" Statue of Liberty

After the boat ride we headed back towards the Marais area for dinner and it started snowing. Hard to tell but such a fun moment for these desert dwellers.

Cool but a little creepy...

We walked a long way to find this store that sold American product. Sure enough...CLOSED. We were in search of baby formula and just a few snacks. Just from looking through the window it was a very special spot for very special occasions. Canned pumpkin, Fruit Loops, Cajun spices, Campbell's soup, cranberry sauce, peanut butter, etc. Eventually we found a little french market and made a few purchases.

French dinner at an adorable little restaurant recommended by the one and only Rick Steeves.
Bear with his delish cheese burger, chips and salad.

Georgia enjoying her easy squeeze babyfood which we're getting a little too comfy with.
Self feeding baby. Again, poor baby. High chairs are hard to come by in Paris so at least she got Mama's lap instead of the stroller again!

For dessert we opted for the sampler. For crying out loud it was Nick's birthday...dessert was a must. Creme Brulee...amazing!

Babies and the Birthday Man!

Back to the apartment for quick shower before this turned into Georgia's bedroom.

The cute little living room in our apartment. The apartment was small but wonderful for our luggage and more space than a hotel.

Tiny little kitchen but more than we needed.

Georgia's French cuisine.

Night Night, good girl!


Christine said...

I am so excited you are posting all of this. We are going in April and had already heard great things about the river cruise. I would love to know exactly where you stayed. Your kids looked so cold and how incredible that it snowed. What a neat experience. I was impressed with your winter wear. You guys did great!

Team Sherman said...

So impressed that you tackled the Louvre and sightseeing with the kiddos. Such fun memories!

Katy said...

This is so cool, Wendi! So neat that y'all are getting to do all this fun traveling.

Paris---amazing! Your pics make me want to go! Keep em comin.

I am very impressed with Georgia girl's trooperness!! 3rd baby I guess! :)

Shannon said...

Keep those pictures coming! And - that sweet girl of yours....OH MY STARS! I really think she wins the award for best all around baby....EVER! Love you and can't wait to see more pics! Happy Late Birthday to Nick!

Jackie said...

GIRL! You are seriously making me laugh! The picture of Brooks and Barrett not happy is hysterical! :) And Georgia with her asiago cheese! What?!! Too too sweet! I'm serious...I just want to pick her up and love on her! Miss ya'll!

shannonmichaelis said...

Isn't it amazing what all our kids get to do at these ages that we never got to do? And yours get to talk about going to Paris, and sleeping in a trunk/stroller no doubt! :-)

Such fun photos - getting hungry for those pastries! Still one of the places I desire to visit someday - might have to join you on that adult only visit.

Looking forward to the next posts!

Ashley Hall said...

Loving all of the pics and narrative! Looks like such a fun time! Love the pic of the boys hugging and big smiles. Cuties! And of course love the pics of my GEJ! And you all look so cute in your winter gear! Your new coat is presh! presh, ha!