Friday, January 14, 2011

First afternoon in Paris

We decided to take advantage of our flight home for Christmas by making a pit stop in Paris. Our families headed back to school while ASD had an extra week off.
Our next stretch of time in Doha will be longer than we've done before so Paris was a good distraction for saying good-bye and getting us all out the door.
This busy sight seeing trip was our first as family and it worked plus made for great memories. We knew what we were getting ourselves into with weather, babies and must-see stuff. Turned out to be well worth the effort and challenge. We moved quickly and didn't linger too long. Indeed, we left some adult sightseeing for another trip but for the most part, we saw all the hot spots and marveled at the incredible things only to be seen or experienced in Paris. The boys really enjoyed it and were patient most of the time when necessary. And Georgia...well, she was like having a baby doll in the stroller. Bless her sweet bones. She was such a trooper.

So leaving Texas after Christmas put us in a bit of a bind with luggage. Since we didn't fly direct we were only able to take 1/2 the usual luggage. So after stuffing our suitcases and trunks we still had a lot to carry-on. Nick and most of the carry-on bags.

After arriving at our apartment in the Marais area we ventured out for the afternoon explore a little. Our apartment location was perfect and full of incredible shopping that I totally missed out on. Family Trip! Nick and I agreed that Paris looked just like what we pictured. We loved it.

Didn't aim to see this but its one of the Top 10 sights to catch. Pretty cool.
Centre Georges Pompidou
Architects built it inside out and it houses the Museum of Modern Art

View from one end of the museum.

There was still some Christmas decor around. This was in front of a cute little cafe.

Near the museum was this crazy art in the middle of a Stravinsky Fountain. The Firebird usually spins and sprays water but because of the temps the fountain was drained.

Neat church...I mostly loved the red door.

A few blocks away we spent a little time in the Hotel de Ville area. Barrett got bit by the jet lag bug but the rest of us enjoyed it.

We wrapped up our night with a little pizza party back at the apartment where it was warm.
Georgia is hanging out in her "crib" in this picture. The apartment manager miscommunicated so the poor girl slept in this makeshift pallet/bed for the first couple nights. Paris was a pretty great place to kick some jet lag but after waking up to Georgia's banging at 1:00am on the trunks we moved her to sleep in the stroller for the rest of the time.


Mary Anne said...

The Marais is a super great place to stay! Glad you loved it!!

Jackie said...

SO FUN! I want to go to Paris! I am cracking up at how cute Georgia looks in that trunk baby bed! Too, too sweet! I'm so glad you guys went and were able to see such an amazing place! :)

Lindsey said...

What an amazing trip! So so fun.