Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last few days!

I've always had a love for cowboys!

Graham introducing Georgia to Babe's biscuits!

Georgia likes Babe's!

Something special about these two. She's got a keeper.

Honey, the preschool superwoman always has fun activities to help make busy hands into happy hands!

Making playdough

As usual Papa took the kiddos to cut down a great donut tree. I borrowed this tradition a few years ago from one of my BFFs Jenise. She grew up doing the same thing and its been such a HUGE hit.

Everyone adding the cheerio seeds...then we wait to see what happens over night??

That night we celebrated New Years just like any other night. Lots of fun with our cousins. I'm so thankful the Halls were so willing to hang at Honey and Papa's so much. We enjoyed being together with everyone so much! We soaked it all up...its a LONG time before we see them again. BOO!

These two enjoyed their alone time away from the older and much louder cousins.

DONUTS! But it was so cold!

A last minute group hug before heading to the airport.


Jackie said...

Your parents are way too much fun! I love the donut tree! :)

shannonmichaelis said...

Have loved catching up with your last week in the US! All the cousin photos make me smile. Love that photo of big brother Brooks with little sissy.