Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smith Twinks!

A few months ago I missed one of my very special friend's twin baby shower with our close little intimate group of friends. We shared the moment via skype but I couldn't be there in person. Thankfully it worked out absolutely perfect for us to meet the babies just a few days after their arrival while we were in Dallas.

Caryn and I have shared some very special (live changing) times together plus just traveled down similar roads with our lives since college, marriage and babies. Well she took an entirely different path with having twins. There is no servant better for the job than my precious friend Caryn. She now has 4 boys and they couldn't be more blessed to have her for their mommy.

The older Smith boys were napping and we left the Bees at home so we could hang with the twins and their parents.
Meeting Coyt and Crew for the first time! Tiny sweet little miracles!

Caryn's sister who is another friend of mine, Kacey was in town visiting with her sweet new baby girl. Cousins just a week apart.

Totally stole this picture off their blog because these baby cousins C's are too precious!

Junods and Smiths...miss u, love u!

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