Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spectacular Day #3 in Paris

Day number 3 in Paris was jammed packed.

My little buddies bundled and ready to go.

This is standing just outside our apartment. The red-orange window is an adorable clothing store that was closed the entire time we were there. And the front door to our apartment building is just to the left behind the tree.

The view as we left our apartment. No traffic is allowed on this little side street leading to the apartment. Obviously its full of cafes and cute little shops. We loved this location for everything.

We started our morning with Notre-Dame in mind. We walked across the river and made a quick stop for crepes. Lets just say they lived up to their reputation.

Outside Notre-Dame

Stunning inside...

Nativity left still up from the Christmas season. Neat but the weird wire animals were way larger than Mary.

One of the doors outside. So much history to this church, once pagan temple. Its probably a shame to most that we sped through places so fast. Paris is so packed with history. We saved a lot for another time without children and if we don't ever come back, we've at least seen and experienced something.

Nick and the Snuggie

Family pic minus sleeping Georgie

Just to prove the boys really did have fun. Again, simply entertained by the pigeons.

She's awake...

Next up...the big red bus. No shame in taking the hop on, hop off double-decker bus because its perfect for kids, keeping warm and getting general overview of all the big things to see.

Nick and I were fascinated that all the buildings look so similar in size and style. All of them, everywhere!

Swanky Apple Store

Really cool square with neat Christmas Lights. (sorry I forgot the name)

Westin Paris AKA Hitler's command station during WWII

Place de la Concorde
Brooks really wanted to ride the ferris wheel but time didn't allow. We talked him out of it with the reminder that we would be at Disney the next day.


Flagship Store - The Daddy of all Louis Vuitton stores. Apparently there is a sales person for every shopper that walks in the door. They might have enjoyed me and Georgia but not the boys. We opted for a view from the bus!

Just as we got of the bus Brooks spotted the Qatar flag. Directly across from the Arch de Triomphe is the Qatari Embassy.

Arch de Triomphe

We had to walk and haul all of our kids and strollers underground and under the round-a-bout in order to actually get to the Arch de Triomphe. Which is exactly why our legs and a bus work better for us than the subway.

After the Arch we jumped on the bus for a very short ride. We wanted to walk our way to the Eiffel Tower through the Rue Cler area where we hoped to grab a late lunch.
A few of the views from the bridge above the Seine.

Army Museum and Nepoleon's Tomb
Hotel des Invaldes
(we didn't go in but enjoyed the view from the bridge)

Looking back at the fancy bridge. Considered the most beautiful bridge in Paris. Designed by different artists and when built couldn't obstruct the view of the Invalides or Champs-Elysees. Great views from anywhere on the Pont Alexandre III.

We found a fishing store.

Cute little Lutheran church.

The markets were amazing and so colorful. I can't imagine what the sidewalks are like with warmer weather.

We stopped at another Rick Steeves recommendation on Rue Cler and as usual it didn't disappoint!


my cobb salad - to die for!

All of outdoor eating areas have plenty of heaters so we enjoyed the atmosphere, stripped a few layers and let Georgia stretch. We also changed a diaper...kinda gross and a little trashy at a street cafe but what do you do? Parisians were much more friendly than I expected but they aren't accommodating for babies and kids, no changing stations in bathrooms or highchairs in restaurants. This one survived just fine!

Rue Cler - reminded me of a movie.

Making our way to the tower...

Made it. The great thing about traveling when the temperatures were cooler was less crowd to battle. Although tourism is down its still very much alive. Lines are still long. Nick really wanted to go to the top of the tower but again...that's for another time. Lines and 3 kids under 5 = nope!

Georgia and her first love at the Eiffel tower. Future men can't beat that.

Daddy fell victim to the Tower souvenirs. Turns out they were great for "show and tell" at school our first week back in Doha.

After the tower we warmed up again back on the bus and headed to our own area of town. We stopped for a refreshment and light dinner.
This is what Sonic looks like in Paris...

Huge hit!

Huge hit for me was the French Onion I've ever had and likely so!

Back home for a little show and tell with Georgia.



Shannon said...

The kissing picture in front of the Tower....perfection! I loved it! I hope it's framed for all to see! Ready for more pictures! Love you!

Lindsey said...

Your trip looks absolutely amazing!! I'm going to get caught up on it. So jealous. :) Hopefully someday I will be able to go and I'll have to ask you all your tips.

Pictures are amazing!

Woodbury Family said...

looks like ya'll had a great time and stayed warm!! :) love the pictures and the hats on you and georgia! :)

Katy said...

gaaaaaaaaaaaah fraaaaaaaannnnnnnceeeeee! seriously i want to go tomorrow! this is so awesome. your pictures are fabulous!

L-O-V-E the kissing picture in front of ol Eiffel. the best!

and---the food over there looks wonderful---cobb salad, french onion soup? um, YES!