Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watkins Christmas Fiesta

Wrapping up my "home" posts is no fun. Mostly because I won't have anything to do after I'm all caught up plus there's not much to post about life in Doha right now. Little boring compared to December. So I'll live through it all again on the blog.

We headed home quickly from Houston after the Baylor game to help Honey and Papa host the Watkins Christmas Fiesta. 3 out of the 4 Watkins siblings live in the Dallas area so its one big bash when we get together with all 3 generations. Just in the last 12 months we've added 4 babies! We always miss the Criswells who live on the East and West coast. With the Dallas crew there was a total of 31 "Watki" (as we like to call them).

Enjoying the fiesta food

Cousin gift exchange

Abby, Grant and Barrett

Georgia and Aunt Jan

Anna and Ashley

Girl cousins

My newly married cousin, Louisa picked a good one. This is Uncle will entertaining the littles in the backyard. His brother-in-law, Eric also played with the kids so hard in the backyard he ripped his pants. Pretty awesome daddies in the making!

Aunt Margaret, Honey and G

My cousin, Jake with Honey and some 3rd cousins or whatever you call them.

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Middle Matilda said...

ah, Wendi, what fun it looks like! both of my parents were only children, so I grew up with NO first cousins. Our girls have some and they enjoy a special relationship, even though they don't see each other often. How different from two generations ago: my mom grew up in a shared family farmhouse. She and her parents lived on one side of the central enclosed staircase, and her uncle and family lived on the other side. They were farmers in Kansas lo, those many years ago! Such memories she has!