Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bears at the Bowl Game

Since we miss out on homecoming and BU football we jumped on the opportunity to watch the Bears play in the Texas Bowl. Honey and Papa stayed back with the babies while we took the big kids, Anna and the Bees.
Our little Bears at Buc-cees! Goodness gracious its amazing! Definitely one of the best things about our trip to Houston was BUC-CEES! Its a great tragedy if you've never been and purchased.

Picked up a little cheese tray for the road.

So seriously entertained...

On our way into town we stopped for a delish bbq lunch hosted by Jackie and Mark. Made our own tailgate because of the weather! Such generous friends...check out these Bake Shoppe cupcakes...HELLO!

Love you, LaRo's!

As we made our way to Reliant a monsoon rolled in. It was insane! We were soaked!!

Look at all 'em BU fans!! So proud!

Gorgeous bird's eye view from the cheap seats, that weren't too cheap! And I zoomed in!!

Thanks to our loyal BU brothers and sisters, they hooked us up in the second quarter with some sweet seats!!! Much better view for terrible football :(

Didn't take as many pics of old friends as I wish I would have. But it was so fun to be back in the Baylor crowd!

So sad for a loss but what a great jump start for Baylor football!

Junods and Halls

Get your paws up! What you don't see is that Barrett has his other paw IN HIS PANTS!!

Barrett doing a little celebration no-rain dance!

BIG HUGS and THANKS to Honey and Papa for having their BU football watching party at home with the little ones. We missed them so much!!

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Jackie said...

WE'RE so thankful you guys stopped by that day! I know it was a busy day for you! :) And so glad you were able to see all your Baylor friends...fun! :)