Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend and No school

I'm not sure who reads our blog and if they follow by "Google Reader" or just by typing in the url but let me reassure my family and the lurkers that I'm working on updating the blog design and pictures. I realize its almost a year out of date :)

So last weekend we enjoyed a double date with the Harris pair. They are friends from Houston, plus as many know Lindsay and I were Pi Phi sistahs at Baylor. What are the chances? I still ask myself that and know that there was s divine plan for us to be here at the same time. We're so thankful for their Doha move and many future memories made together here in the sand box.

Most recently we enjoyed the first ever auto show in Doha with Lindsay and Brad. No bikinis but there were definitely models who had their photo taken. I wish I would have taken a picture of the heavily male dominated crowd I was standing in.

Nick and I with James Bond's car...there's a teeny tiny Bond fan in our house.

Cowboys and a pickup...they couldn't help themselves. Poor things are driving SUVs here.

The guys and a local lady checking out the big black truck. See everybody loves a truck!

Another truck. We looked at ALL the cars but lingered longer at the pick-ups.
Nick's said he thought his next truck might be red...interesting.

Took this pic for the boys at our house who live and breath Transformers.

Thats a grill on the back of that jeep.

That's a flat screen on the back and a Mac on both rear passenger doors. An iPad was in the dash board.

Or you can opt for Arabian artwork on your doors...

We went to dinner at a new Italian restaurant at the Pearl. Dangerously delicious! Those are fried spinach balls with parm and breadcrumbs.

Our dinner dates...Brad and Lindsay

The next day was slow but Bear had birthday party.

And after...
with the birthday boy, Max.

While Barrett and I were at the birthday party. Nick, Brooks and Georgia went to do a little shopping. Daddy has really been wanting to get Georgia a walker. He tried our local Toys R Us which is a little shady to begin with so it was no surprise when he didn't find anything. He went to Carrefour and found this BEAUTY! The boys are forbidden to stand on it and hardly touch it. Its worth about $2 (which is not what we paid) but its all kinds of fun for Georgia! It took her a few days but now she's walking all over the place with her bumper car Rudolph bear.

Creepy or Cute? Cute of course, but that face is a little scary next to such a innocent baby girl. Spidey's face didn't bother her a bit.

Nothin' but luv!

After the official weekend we extended it by having 2 days off school. ASD was out so we just hung out and enjoyed the down time by making a big fort.

We also met us with the Harris kiddos on the cornich for a picnic and walk/ride around the water.

Two very serious Buzz Lightyears!

Catching her nap in the stroller...

Birds...get lost!


Sybil K said...

Trust me, I'm still lurking via my Google Reader. Gazing upon your lovely family and wonderful photo skills even if I don't stop to comment is a joy. Enjoy reliving the days when mine were so young vicariously through your blog. Keep it up!

Rick and Beth said...

Great fort! What's holding it up in the middle? I never would have thought of a fitted sheet. You're brilliant, Wendi!!

Heitzmann Jennifer said...

You know what I love? It's that life is just life wherever you are...and how normal it seems to be doing the same things, just in a different location! You are obviously at home in Doha...but I still can't wait to hear whenever the news comes of your next move :) Miss you sweet friend!

Middle Matilda said...

Wendi, that was the entree I chose when we went to Carlucci's. It was so fabulous! We had appetizers, so I didn't eat it all, and it was even good the next day warmed up. We will definitey return. There is a coupon in the Doha Entertainment book for the restaurant.
Don't forget to submit your cinnamon roll recipe to the cookbook collection....and the caramel corn...

Jackie said...

WHAT@@??!!! These pictures are too sweet! Georgia is killing me with her cuteness! She loves her brothers! I and J have the same blue shirt that Barrett is wearing at the party. :) Oh, what are those cute letters hanging on the playroom wall?? Those are new since we moved. Cute, cute...

Jaime said...

I've been out of the blogging world for awhile and am glad to be back and keep up with you guys through this. Love your new pics and the New (to me) blog look!

Kristin said...

I still can't get over that Brad and Lindsay are there with you.... God is awesome! Love catching up on your life. Love you!!! Miss you guys!!!

kate said...

i'm most definitely a lurker! :) love reading your blog! your sweet family is beautiful! new design is great. where do you get them?