Monday, January 10, 2011


We were rushed a little bit to get to town after a late night so we met the Watkins fam at church for the Christmas Eve service. So glad we made it!
Papa and his posse!

We've started this little thing on Christmas Eve where we have a fish fry. The men in our family, especially Papa usually have a good supply of fish. Its different than the usual fluffy dinner and yes, its a little white trash but who doesn't like fried fish, hush puppies, texas two step coleslaw and some baked beans. The Bees in this house get fired up about Papa's fish!

Papa and his mini-me, Graham.

Anna Lou Whoo

Brooks grubbin!

Little white trash baby hanging out in her tights looking a lot like Daddy.

After dinner Papa read the Christmas story from Luke while the natives were extremely restless and hardly paying attention. Once he finished Honey handed out the baby Jesus(s) to her nativity sets so the cousins to could put him in the mangers. Little Honey Tradition.

Then we tried to take a picture. Took too long...

but finally got one.

Reindeer Food

Milk for Santa

Brooks had it all set!

He added a little watercoloring.

Christmas Morning heading down stairs with Uncle Dave

DS for Brooks

Bear got a new chopper bike but was a lot more excited about the placemat.

Georgia with Jesse and a taggie.

Anna Lou got lots of Pink.



Brooks helping Honey make her homemade rolls!

Graham sharing his Santa present with Brooks.

Honey and Papa with their little nest.

The ladies, babies and our Aunt Rosie

Georgie enjoying a cane!

Delish HAM lunch!!

Brooks opening his boots!

The rage!

We gave AL these sparkly pink Toms. Who wouldn't want some?

Bear and his boots.

Towel heads, which are awesome!

Anna on her new 4-wheeler.

Barrett fascinated with his new Bumble Bee transformer. Honey has definitely learned to shop for boys!

Georgia trying out AL's trike!

After an afternoon full of presents, napping and hanging out we cooked hot dogs and smores over the fire pit.

Anna Lou and me!

Georgia enjoying her smores and ready to call it a day. Always rubbing that ear!


Mary Anne said...

I got all seven of my nieces and nephews Toms...Love them!

shannonmichaelis said...

Justin wanted to tell me who was in every photo of each of your last five posts. Good to know we know all the family!

Still sends me chills and tears reading your incident. Thankful for angels watching over us!

Loved seeing all the family on both sides - want to catch up soon!

Emily M. Bryant said...

Wendi..I love love all your home pictures! Can I be a member of the fam? It all looks so cozy!!! LOVE the donut tree! Must hear about that!!! Isn't hard to come back to the desert after all that? And the fish fry? LOVE IT!!!

Jackie said...

Ok, there's just so many comments and so little space!! LOL :) I absolutely love all of your pictures while you guys were at home! I'm so happy you were able to get such good quality time in with your family! :) And Ms. Georgia looks way too cute in her Christmas outfit! hehe :) Love ya'll!