Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mock Christmas in Houston

Since this was the off year for Christmas with Nick's family we made our own mock Christmas Day.

Georgia striking a present pose!

elves at work...

Tatty and her Elves!

Tatty got Emerilware! I want some now!

Legos for Brooks

Light saber for Barrett

Pink shiny shoes for Annanbelle

And the afternoon of our mock Christmas day was spent with the entire Junod bunch. Similar to the Brady Bunch.
Nick has 4 step brothers and sisters (the Junods) that he basically grew up with.
Its been 5 years since they were all together.
Uncle Vince and Georgia were FAST FRIENDS!

Daddy, G and Uncle Brett

There they are again...they're watching a very entertaining performance by the Brooks, Barrett and Annabelle.

The 6 Junod sibilings

The rest of us...

Enjoying Tatty's traditional Christmas dinner of prime rib!

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