Saturday, July 4, 2009


Venice was incredible! A city on water is something to be seen. The architecture was fascinating and St. Marks was unlike any other square/piazza. The weather was cool which made for a perfect ending to our trip since we went different directions back to the blasted heat!

GREAT bed and breakfast. We had tons of room compared to our other hotels. It was a great location for site seeing...horrible location for walking and dragging very heavy luggage. Poor Nick!

Food and wine was fantastic in Venice. Lots of seafood and the usual pasta.

Gorgeous church we stumbled upon.

We had a reservation to tour the Doge's Palace (old government palace). Our tour was called the Secret Itineraries tour because it included additional secret places that the average ticket didn't include. We saw the jail cell where Casanova was held and where he escaped. Old old old stuff. Very cool!

They say the Doge's palace resembles a wedding cake...kinda does.

Photos from inside the palace

Bridge of Sighs from the inside (notice all the people on the bridge with their camera)

Bridge of Sighs from the outside

Here's to the end of our Doge's Palace tour...those sculptors don't forget a single detail.

St. Marks Cathedral in the back ground, Doge's Palace on the right

St. Marks

Other Venice Scenery...

Gondola Ride

back at St. Marks you understand how awful the pigeons are??
these people are crazy! they are encouraging it!

Gnocci and meatballs plus my favorite pizza!

St. Marks Square at night is unreal. The street music is fantastic completely sets the atmosphere. Again...this was another moment that met every expectation I had of Italy. It was chilly outside so we didn't sit to listen. Just walked around.

Our last meal in Italy was lunch at Harry's Bar. What a treat and great ending!

Harry's bar created the very first bellini. LOVED it!

Check out Harry's hamburger...not your typical Texas burger.

Poor Nick was seriously a work horse on his vacation. Note to self...don't travel to Europe on trains with a large heavy suitcase. That was truly our only complaint. Italy was a trip of a life time. I have a hard time describing it because it was so special and beyond my expectations.


Sharon said...

I haven't commented, but have loved reading all about your trip! Why did we not talk about this when you were here? I think what impresses me most is that you knew what to see and how to do it!

nanflan said...

I agree that Venice was the perfect way to end your tour of Italy! I've heard a lot about Harry's Bar, so want to go there! I know you got some Murano jewelry, my fave Italian souvenir. Maybe I can plan some milestone anniv. trip there. I need to work on it now in order to talk hubby into it! Can't wait to see you and hear more!

shannonmichaelis said...

who cares about the scenery! look at all your fun clothes! i want all those dresses! love that the sculptor used nick's body for his atr piece. love the gondola - so stinkin' romantic!

Jan said...

amen to sharon. We forget to ask you about your stuff, & you never bring it up! Thank goodness for the posts!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Makes me want to return to Venice!!!! Loved your photos once again.