Monday, July 6, 2009

Cousins and Cousins

As soon as I got into the USofA we took a road trip to see my family in Arkansas. We have always been very close to my mom's sister and her family. They have been so supportive of our Doha move, plus great prayer warriors. We had a great girls' weekend and the cousins had a BLAST!

Lindsey (almost 5 yrs old) introduced Brooks to the world of "girl" toys.

Barrett and Courtney (almost 3)

3rd cousins

Aunt Terry and Aunt Jerry counting Anna Lou's piggies

Sleepy cousins

Swimming at the Greenwood CC

What a tough decision!
Home cooking from Bulldog diner was just what I needed!!

Dear Santa, Books would like a Jeep for Christmas!

Cousins with one escapee

We got the chance to spend all afternoon on Sharon and Ryan's boat!
Sweet Ryan took all the ladies and kiddos all by himself. It was such a treat for all of us!

Sharon, Ryan, Lindsey and Courtney
(not pictured, baby #3 on the way)

Brooks and I prepping to ride in the red boat

Our biggest fans...Barrett and Lindsey

Nice Barrett!

Captain Brooks and his Co-captain Uncle Ryan

Heavy hitter in his pink helment

Another HUGE treat to our weekend was getting the chance to see one of my very close friends and roommates :) from Baylor. Jennifer who we all call "Pooh" came in town for lunch so we got to meet Brooke her precious little girl.

Honey with Brooke and Anna Lou
These 2 baby girls were born just 1 day apart

Although Pooh and I aren't blood related we call ourselves cousins because Sharon is our mutual cousin. Sharon's dad and Pooh's dad are brothers and Sharon's mom and my mom are sisters.

Check out these cuties! Sharon is expecting her 3rd in October just a few weeks before Ash is due with her baby boy

Sharon was an incredible hostess. She kicked her husband out of her house for the weekend and has just about every snack and drink those under 5 could dream of. Thank you, Sharon and Aunt Terry for a fun and memorable weekend. Here's to next year in Dallas when we have even more cousins!!


Nick said...

My heart aches (in a good way of course)when I look at my lovely family from over here. Now I know what it is like for our family and friends to only get to see us through pictures on this blog. Only 17 more days til I get to hug you all. I miss you all very much and I love you Wendi. Thank you for being such a good blogger! - Love, Nick

shannonmichaelis said...

i don't know what touched me more - nick's comment or just seeing you with all your sweet fam! LOVE that you got to be with all the cousins - and so many girls! eat up all the fun of seeing everyone her in the US of A!

Ethan's Folks said...

Looks like a super, fun weekend.

And Wendi, what a sweet husband you have. Your journey to Doha has been a blessing on your marriage, having you depend on each other for everything.