Sunday, July 5, 2009

HP Camp

While we enjoyed an extra child-free week in Italy. Brooks and Barrett had a blast at Honey and Papa's house. Honey and Papa had to handle 2 toddlers on the airplane for 18+ hours, jet lag back in Texas and a week full of wild boys! We could NOT be more grateful and blessed by Honey and Papa. They are incredible grandparents and parents! We refer to parent-less time at Honey and Papa's as HP Camp.
Thanks to Honey we got some great pictures. Too bad she's not in one single photo!! But you know she's there because of all the fun stuff they did! And lets just say, Papa wasn't along for the ride. He jumped in the middle of these boys and enjoyed every minute. It is pure joy to see my dad love on my boys so much. What a treat for Nick and I to spend time by ourselves and what a treat for the boys to be around my most favorite people in the whole wide world!

Hanging with Pinocchio in the airport on their way back to Dallas

Seeing Aunt Sissy (that's what we call Aunt Ashley) at DFW

Boy Band

The boys found a big frog...Brooks was concerned. (OK by me!)

Putting together the new bubble machine

Playing in the backyard

Making a very fun breakfast

Spiders for Breakfast!

Movie time with Anna Lou

Painting the fence with water


Octopus hotdogs (slice and then boil)

Visiting Aunt RoRo

Playing at Honey and Papa's pool

Making special cinnamon toast
Special Honey-love for when you're not feeling your best ;)

Making play-dough

Washing Daddy's truck so it's pretty for Mommy to drive when she gets home

Welcome home to Mommy!!

"Thanks" to HP Camp for hosting an incredibly fun week..
You can count on the same campers next summer ;)


Leslie said...

YEAH for HP camp!! Made me smile seeing how happy your boys looked with their grandparents. They are such cute boys.
I am so glad you are in TX for the summer. I'm sure you'll enjoy every second of it. And that frog - SICK!!!! Man I hate frogs!!
Now I need to find that bubble pizza recipe!

Kacey said...

I mean what a blessing your sweet creative mom is!! Looks like those boys are happy to be back in Texas:)

shannonmichaelis said...

look at all that fun food! i am so showing my mom the spider breakfast and octopus dinner. you tell honey that she is just so creative!

Katy said...

I want to go to HP camp!!! Please!! Hug Miss Jerry for me!

And---painting the fence with water???? Genius!!!!!! We WILL be doing that to occupy our time after Baby Clark's born. Thanks for the ideas! :)

Caryn said...

Well it is 11:15 and I should go to be but there are just too many things to comment on...Your final posts of your trip INCREDIBLE and beautiful beyond words, looked amazing!!!! You did some serious planning and it looks like it paid off. And HP camp I mean the creativity is just too much, SO SO fun. We love a good octo dog around here...but we will be adding spider breakfast to the mix well as painting the fence and a few other honey specials.

Ashley Hall said...

Im so glad we get to share H&P with you! They are the absolute best!! Lucky us!!