Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuscany Bike Tour

(First of all, I'm including way more pictures than anyone cares to see. If I was a scrapper I would have to include these so I continue to post many-a-pics. I realize no ones cares.)

While we were staying in Florence we took a day to spend in Tuscany on a bike tour. It was by far my favorite thing we did. I really liked the museums, history and art but when I imagine Italy, Tuscany is what I think of. The scenery and experience met every single expectation I had of vacationing in Italy. Our tour started by a very very crazy (van) ride out of Florence and into the hills of Tuscany. We finally arrived at a gorgeous private castle.

Our guides gave a full tour of the castle which is now a winery and olive oil producer.

Views from the top of the castle.

After the tour we got to sample and taste the wine and olive oil which was DELISH!

We definitely made a few purchases after tasting.

The castle has its own private chapel

After the tour we geared up for the bike ride.

The castle in the back ground is the one we toured.

Half-way through our ride, we stopped for lunch, which was (no surprise) incredible.

Check out the tiramisu...unreal!

Again, photography wasn't allowed but I just can't help it!!! Nick with no hands is pretty good, plus the scenery.

Wrapping up our ride...on our way back to the castle.

As we walked up to our bike group early that morning, Brandon greeted us with the standard Aggie "Howdy" and the rest is history. The bike trip wouldn't have been the same without Brandon and Mandy. We LOVED our day in Tuscany and felt blessed to meet new friends.


Katy said...

Ah! This is my favorite thing you've done yet! :) What a cool thing!!! I want to go!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Awesome! I feel like I say that every post. derek and I would have loved the combo of the exercise with the scenery. good for nick for proclaiming love to the bears all during the trip - i'm sure not many over there had heard of baylor....

Caryn said...

Um, hello I care!! And I love all the pictures. Looks incredible. Not sure how well I'd fair on a bike these days, I'm impressed!

Jill said...

You have done an amazing job blogging about your trip! Italy looks beautiful and I hope to visit one day. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I hope to see you when you're back in the states. Enjoy some alone time and time with Nick!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are GORGEOUS. It looks like you two had a great time with the kiddos and without them! Keep em coming!