Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Friends and New Babies

The best part of our trip back home has been special and quality time spent with our family and friends. I have missed my friends more than anything since moving to Doha plus I've missed a lot of new births!

On my way to Waco last week I swung by Round Rock to see one of my long time friends I grew up with and also went to BU with. Jaime and I met in elementary school and have stayed very close since being in each others weddings and now having kiddos. I didn't have the boys but it was still a treat to see her house, visit, eat a yummy lunch and play with her sweet girls.


Blair so fancy with the tiara, wand, wings, purse and tutu.
Blair introduced me to Fancy Nancy, who apparently is the thing with all of Brooks' girl friends. My-my our house is so different!

On my way out of Waco last weekend I got to meet the 2nd most important Brooks in my life :)
This little Brooks was born in May. He is precious and his mommy, Julia is a special friend. Our families have lots in common and go way back. I'm looking forward to watching this little Brooks grow up. I'm a little obsessed just because of the name. He was named after his great grandfather.
Me and Baby Brooks

Julia and Brooks

Special friends and the BEST next door neighbors we could have ever had...we miss the Flanakins!

Sweet Baby Caris

One of my besties, Tracy (not pictured) in Houston had a baby in June. She's one of my many super-mommy friends!
This is her crew...Asher (18 mo), Tanner (5 wks), Harper (3 yrs)

Ash and Harps

Baby Girl Tanner gettin' Big Sis Kisses

Another BFF in Houston had a precious baby girl in March that I missed. Katie (not pictured) is another super mom...OBVIOUSLY.
John David (2 yrs), Kaylinn (3 yrs), Lissie (4 m0), Brooks, and Barrett

John David and his precious big blue eyes and chocolate face!

Baby Lissie

Kaylinn and Brooks napping together while Katie blessed me with the afternoon to spend running errands. This picture is my worst nightmare 15 years from now and an answered prayer 25 years from now!

Oh how I miss all these sweet peeps!


Sharon said...

I'm so glad you got to see so many friends! Great post!

My favorite has to be your comment about Brooks and Kaylinn in bed! A funny thought when you word it like that and see it at 4 (almost).

Shannon said...

Love the nightmare/blessing comment! Too funny and OH SO TRUE! Love you and can't wait to hang here soon

nanflan said...

I still can't believe it's been a year since you threw my baby shower and next month Caris is turning one! Where has time gone? Funny how we date things according to our kids' timeline!

Hillary Kouba said...

Katelyn is all about Fancy Nancy too! I think she has all the books, dolls and accessories! I think I'm going to need some help with the boy toys though!

Rick and Beth said...

It looks like you are having so much fun. What a blessing to reconnect!