Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day at the Vatican

Monday we spent most of our day touring the Vatican. What an amazing place! The art was mind blowing. We had the same tour guide, Katja who was a perfect match for us. She was so understanding about the boys and moved at a pace that worked out perfectly. We saw it can't go to Rome without seeing the Vatican. UNBELIEVABLE! We got to spend a little bit more time with Aunt Margaret which was fun too!

Lunch before our afternoon at the Vatican

If there was a was to be chased.

Vatican Museums

DVD player = SUCCESS!!
I don't why they would be bored?

Barrett had enough and took a siesta.

Sistene Chapel

St. Peter's

Brooks' turn to take a nap...

Supposedly Pete is buried deep below these ornate columns

Outside St. Peter's

The cute blond is our AWESOME tour guide.

This one's for you Jackie and Mark!!!

After the Vatican tour we walked across the river to the Trestevere area.

Incredible church

Papa bought the boys a prize (cars, of course) for doing such a great job on our Vatican tour.

Back to one of our favorite restaurants...the boys got their's too, McDonald's!

Gelato again...

Fresh water fountains are everywhere in Italy. You can wash your hands, fill your water bottle or drink straight from the fountain.

Here's to another great day in Roma!


Kylie said...

ahhh-- you make me want to go to Italy!!

Caryn said...


I was just thinking to myself I wonder how the boys were on this tour, then I got to the DVD picture- love it.

And my boys think birds were created to be chased too! I here, "I'm gonna git dat bird!" pretty much anytime we are outside.

Six Halls said...

Wow this looks so amazing! What a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see you and hear more about it!

shannonmichaelis said...

justin wanted to find all the times that brooks and barrett were sleeping and kept pointing that out. :-) great idea on the DVD player - i'm sure your boys were rockstars during the tour, though i can't image justin being the same way. awesome photos - good lighting with the catch light and sun beams in some of those. aren;t you glad you knew what you were doing for a trip such as this!