Friday, July 24, 2009

JT Time and Bowling

Last week we jumped at the chance to spend the night at Justin's house! What a treat for the boys to get some good rough housin' in! We had a few things to do "in town" Wednesday night and Thursday morning so it made sense to spend the night at the Michaelis's. Shannon and I got the boys rolling and left the rest for Derek. Mr. Derek NAILED IT! He was just what the boys needed at the just the right time. They were missing Daddy something bad. Mr. D was a quick fix. It really is amazing what a little 6'7" testosterone can do for 2 little boys. I wish I had a picture of all of them! Derek put all 3 boys to bed without a prob while Shannon and I enjoyed a night out with my Houston girls.

Patio Seating at Aunt Shani's for dinner


Bathtime with cool bath paints

Dinner with my favorite Houston people!!
I miss these girls so much! Hopefully one day I'll just pop right back to Houston and get them back in my everyday life!
Katie, Me, Kim
Jenn, Tracy, Shannon

JT is obviously the only one following directions to say "cheese"
...banana and all!

Here's the start of the B's acting like wild hyenas for photos! Love it!
Don't worry about the lack of carseats. All's well that ends well, right :)

Firehouse Subs...usually fun if you're children aren't CRAZY!

After lunch we headed to a fun bowling playdate. Bowling with young ones can be fun. Just be aware that they have no patience for waiting their turn and no clue the damage that could be done with that ball.

This dude can bowl and he loves it.

Check out these cuties. They're kinda like our cousins. Their daddy and Anna Lou's daddy are brothers. (how cute are these little bowling shoes!!!)

I love this picture of them. Look at the hair on these sisters. One of each!
The little ones, Lily and Emery are twins.
They're just 18 mo younger than Aubrey their older sister.

Nice form Mrs. Katie and baby Lissie

Sliding rather than bowling

This was a really cool bowling tool. Its for handicap children but is just as helpful for toddlers! Ask for it next time you're bowling with little ones!

Aunt Shani and JT

Hyenas and Mommy!

I was so so thankful to see these sweet friends, Jill and little Ethan. I met Jill as a newly-wed and have treasured her faithful friendship for years! A Houston visit wouldn't be the same without seeing her!


Caryn said...

So fun!! Shani if you're reading this you're the hostess with the mostess. So glad D was able to provide some man to man quality time. Bowling looks fun we haven't tried that in a long time - might be due for another attempt.

shannonmichaelis said...

love the combined post. so glad our boys got to spend so much time together! i'm already getting teary just thinking about you guys going back. my boy needs your fellas (much less me needing my Wen)!