Thursday, July 2, 2009


Our Florence bed and breakfast - incredible location on the Piazza Duomo

Looking out our hotel window was the famous Florence Duomo

Inside the Baptistery which was 10 steps from our hotel in the middle of the square.

Michaelangelo's "DAVID" which was amazing!
yes, photography was prohibited. notice the lady with her finger up coming at ME! honestly, i was holding the camera at my waist...she didn't know i really took a picture. the picture actually turned out ok :)

Duomo Museum (original brass doors from the baptistery)

Florence at its best....

shopping, shopping, and more shopping

Quaint little restaurant where we had enjoyed triamisu and a little vino...

Many, many, many steps up to Michaelangelo's Park with an incredible view of the city.
(Thanks Hopkins for the idea)

Dinner at Mama Gina's (thanks to Miss Vicki)
LOVED IT!! One of our favorite meals!
Check out the fried zuccini

This was my bread after every meal.
Italians eat very crusty bread, not my fave.

Florence Night #2

We met an adorable couple on our bike trip. Mandy went to BU and Brandon went to A&M. Turns out they are best friends with one of Nick's fraternity brothers in Grapevine where they are from. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and an entire day together plus dinner out.

The bed and breakfast we stayed at was perfecto. Awesome location and fabulous breakfast!

On a side note...(my mother will die)
Note the difference between Nick's suitcase and Wendi's. Opposites attract. I'll have you know, I planned and organized every detail of our Italy vacation. The only problem was that my suitcase was too heavy. I just don't keep it nice and neat while we travel.


shannonmichaelis said...

how romantic! and how fun to meet some new friends. and i love the suitcase - wendi, i never knew you would do such a thing!

The Fox Family said...

I am so jealous!! It looks like you are having an amazing time. I am really happy for ya'll. Enjoy every second! We look forward to seeing you in H-town!

Shannon said...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Love the picture of the bread crust. You and I could share a loaf of bread because the crust is my very favorite! Just a few more days until I get to see your sweet face! I cannot wait!