Saturday, March 9, 2013

Valentines Day!

Time for catching up!!  So here it goes.  Obviously we did a little celebrating for Valentines Day. And as usual, room mom duty called.  So we had full day of parties!
First up, Bear had a Parent Valentine Coffee.  They wrote love letters to their parents and we surprised them with a love letter.  We read to each other and shared some delicious food that Barrett's teacher treated us to.
 A little later I moved around the hall to 1st grade for Brooks' party.  Weeks before valentines day they were given homework to write personal valentines to each student and both teachers in their class.  They wrote why each person was special and then read all of their valentines at the party.  It was really encouraging and sweet.  Lord knows these amazing teachers need all the encouragement they can get.  They have got a challenge!!  Most of Brooks' valentines complemented his recess skills, like tag, soccer, speed, etc.  Not bad just leaves room for character compliments in his future I hope :)
 We served up some Valentine Floats which were a big hit. Cherry 7Up and vanilla ice cream.
And Georgia spent the day with her Aunt Sherry.  Sherry was walking her dog early by our villa that morning and Georgia begged (mostly cried) to go with her. They ended up spending the whole day together.  While I was at school they made sweet doily valentines for us, ran errands together and shared a very special lunch date over sushi and noodles! We are one blessed family to be loved so well by the Patrizis!  
  We met Daddy for a Valentines dinner at a family favorite, Chingari Indian! 
 Valentine Kisses after she found some lipstick!!
 Fun night with my valentines!

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