Saturday, March 9, 2013

False Positive

For our own record:
A few weeks ago we got a scary phone call.  My doc said that the Triple Screen blood work had come back and there was a possibility that our baby had Trisomy 18.  We had anxiously waited 4 hours to finally see the doctor which didn't help our nerves.  Once we were in her office she immediately called a specialist while we were there and we were set up to see him at 5pm that afternoon.  We left the hospital shocked and emotional but still faithful and believing there was a healthy baby until we were absolutely told differently.  It was the Doha moment that sent fear all over me.   What will we do?  Do we need to quickly get to the US?  Would we do the next test/amnio here?  Who do we trust?  ugh!!! 
In the parking lot, Nick prayed for us and our sweet baby and that God would be glorified in whatever the outcome.  He thanked the Lord for the situation that put us in a place of surrender and humility before the Lord.  I found a divine stillness over the next few hours but will never forget all the thoughts and waves of emotions that engulfed my mind during that time.  No one knew about the phone call or doctor's visit because it all happened so quickly. There wasn't even time to tell our families because of the difference in time.  But once again our Doha family filled the gap! A few of my precious friends were together and immediately prayed and also made a surprise plan.  

About an hour before I had to leave Dede, Traci and Teresa were at my house insisting to take care of the kids and just a few hours later the Warners were delivering dinner as if there wasn't an option. Long story short after a terrible 36 hours and a quick visit with the fetal specialist we had great news. The ultra sound showed that our baby was healthy and growing right on track.  And when it was all said and done we found an amazing team of doctors and a new brand new office to be apart of.  We were so thankful and wish we had known about them sooner.  Their technology,  expertise and kindness was unlike anything we've ever experienced in Doha.  

And all the while...our big kids were being loved on like family! 
Sometimes you never know how much you need to be loved like that.  I think living so far away keeps you from really recognizing how much you need your family in desperate moments of heartache. These irreplaceable friends have such a special place in my heart.  And this crazy desert is the place to find people like that!  

Everyone was highly entertained!
They sent me these pictures while we were seeing the specialist. Obviously they took these monkeys to the park. Not only that they were spoiled with ice cream and candy!
 Georgia Loo Who
We were home with our answered prayer just before bedtime and all babies were fed and clean! One of the best things I've ever been forced to do was to think outside of my "friend box".  Coming to Doha made me expand my vision of what my friends look like.  These 3 and a few others have been treasures in this sand box! 
Dede, Teresa, Traci

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