Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boot Scoot 2013!!

Last weekend was the annual Boot Scoot. Doha's biggest and best party for Texans!  We love it, minus the Aggie portion.  We put up with the maroon and of course still love our Aggie friends but will not pretend to be supportive of that school down the road on Hwy 6.
Sherry was hired as the photog.  A few of these shots are borrowed from her.  She's so talented and this picture captures her infectious fun spirit. Love her! Some of our favorite Doha people!!  I'm diggin' the cowboy with the hat...

Cotton-Eyed Joe!  Not sure what's going on...
Lindsay, me, Vicky and Sally

Serious dancin'...switchin up dance partners.
Sherry and Ed
Chris trying to teach my rhythm challenged feet to polka :) When you gather serious Texans together, you can learn a lot more than the two-step. 
We endured the usual Aggie War Hymn...God bless em.
Brad hooked em!


Ashley Hall said...

You and N look so cute!!!!! My absolute favorite pic is the first one!!

Katy said...

Adorable dress, Wends!!!! You look so pretty!! Love those boots! :)