Saturday, March 9, 2013

Virtual Day!

We recently had a virtual school day at ASD, which is basically a fire drill where the campus isn't accessible and students do their school work from home via the internet and school websites.  There were a few complaints but it obviously makes a lot of sense considering the region we live in and the unknown possibilities.
A few years ago schools were shut down for weeks in Qatar because of the Swine flu outbreak.  So this drill could really be helpful in the future when kids need to get their work done during unusual circumstances.

So we had the day off of actually going to school but still had some work to do.  And why not play before actually doing what you're supposed to!! 

We met our Doha cousins at the Sheraton park for all kinds of fun. 
  After we played at the park, the kids rode their bikes around the corniche so we could catch a ride on the dhow boat.  I love this picture!  Its so Doha for so many reasons. 
On the boat 
 Daddy's office in the background, the green and white building with on the right.
 My Doha sistas!
 We worked up quite the appetite and headed to the souq for lunch!
Georgie and Emmy
Caught a glimpse of the camels on our way back to the car. 
Then we did the boring! 
Lets just say that hour of homeschooling will last me for a lifetime.  I was about to hurt someone! One boy on the laptop, the other on the desktop, both demanding the life out of me with questions I couldn't even help them with.  Whew, I'm glad I'm not a student anymore. Also glad they have a daddy they can ask b/c I'm seriously O.U.T. on helping with school work.  
Brooks had 4 assignments.  Here he's doing a one for music.
 Barrett had 3 assignments. All which included a video and then an activity for them to return the next day at school.  Not only did they have to turn in their work. The teachers could monitor who was logged in or not that day.  Way to much pressure for me!  I'll happily put them on the bus and send them to get some good school the old fashioned way! All respect goes to the homeschooling mama!

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