Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Barrett's Art Party

Last week was Barrett's 6th birthday!  We put off a family celebration until Daddy was back in town from Houston and just celebrated all week long with friends and other activities.  The big party day was on Tuesday after school.  Bear is always easy going when it comes to opinions. He's not demanding and usually doesn't mind just tagging along with whatever everyone is doing.  But for a birthday, you should have some opinions!  We finally landed on something he was excited about.  He LOVES art at school and keeps bringing home the most beautiful little masterpieces.  So we decided to have an art party. Tried to keep things from being a rainbow or girl looking party and I think it was a success. We kept the numbers down and had the best time.  Everyone invited stayed really interested and seemed to enjoy it.  Thank goodness I had some extra helping hands to make things possible!

 First up a little outdoor painting
 Smocks are a good idea but seriously...its just impossible for little boys to keep paint off clothes and faces.
 Beautiful art work by Brooks, Christoph and Barrett
 Barrett and his best bud Cres
One of my friends from church, Whitney is an incredible artist.  She just started a business here in Doha, so I asked her to come help with the party. She was very excited for us to be her very first kids' party.  She was so great with the kids and obviously we had a wide range of talent :)  She brought everything for the canvas painting and I didn't have to worry about any details. 
 While the girls painted, the boys worked on plates with permanent/Sharpie marker.  This was a Pinterest idea which FAILED!!  I baked the plates after the party and the marker still washed and smeared off. Boo!  But still a fun activity.  Just don't eat on the plate. 
We took a little break to have a snack. 
Birthday Boy!
Just about a week before Barrett's birthday he came home from school with these 2 pieces of art!  I was thrilled to have a centerpiece for his party and pretty impressed with kindergarten art from little Bear.  
Morgie and Georgie
 Girls had their turn at the plates.
 Then the boys had their turn with Mrs. Whitney!
 Singing happy birthday! Paint pallet mini cupcakes for everyone.
 The Masterpieces!!
Giving some thank you hugs to Mrs. Gena for the remote control car.  She was such a little worker bee at the party too!  So thankful! 
I can't miss the mark of Barrett taking the initiative to cut his own hair.  Its pretty obvious in every picture.  But we love him just the same...especially Georgia!  
 Paintbrush rice crispy treats for the taking and eating!
 Party favors
 Brooks snapped this pic of me and little Bear.  So incredibly thankful to be blessed by such a sweet spirited thing.  We had a great afternoon celebrating such a special gift God's given our family!


Rick and Beth said...

LOVE that photo of him looking at you as you sang Happy Birthday to your 6 yr. old. You have a precious relationship with him. So sweet.

Katy said...

Such a cute party for your little mini me!! :) love that idea. And yes, I too loved the pic of y'all looking at each other while singing Happy Bday. So sweet! Love the mini paint pallet cupcakes!