Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dragon Triathlon

Last weekend the boys participated in the ASD Dragon Triathlon.  We didn't really give them the option not to participate.  Just sounded like a great opportunity.  I mean, I don't want to sign myself up but why not throw my kids into it! 
The tag line was "Just Tri It" they did!  Brooks was a little apprehensive but Barrett was all in from the beginning.  As we got closer they got more excited and geared up!  

This event and entire morning totally exceeded all of our expectations. There were no prizes (other than a certificate) but the self confidence and pride alone was awesome!  Talent and athletic ability had nothing to do with it.  It was just about participating and finishing the race.

All of the parents were proud and running everywhere trying to keep up with their little athlete so they could encourage, take pictures and totally exhaust themselves!  We were all a little over the top and bursting with pride!  I guess team sports keep you from getting too physically close but for this individual  business, we all couldn't help but be doing it right along with them!

Picture heavy because I just couldn't stand it and we were so proud!

Each athlete could pick a special transition area marked off for all of their stuff.
Brooks all set and ready to get going.
Brooks and Emery waiting for their age division to start.
Little bro waiting to watch Brooks start the swimming portion of the race
Next in the pool...
 Almost finished with the swimming...
Transition area for dropping the bike and a quick squirt of water from Daddy before the run. 
Both boys reported that it was really hard but they loved it. 
Next up...killer shark ready to swim! 
6 and under division getting organized...kinda like herding cats! one else's daddy is around but someone had a major goggle catastrophe. 

 SHARK attack!
I was so caught up in the moment, I wasn't paying attention to my camera setting so these pictures aren't great but I love this of Bear.  Running like a mad man with a spring in his step to the transition area.
Barrett was randomly in the very last heat of his division so he had a huge fan club to help him finish.  I love our little Doha family...the Harris's and Austins were big cheerleaders! 
 Mr. Brad sending him off
You can see Barrett's fan club running along with him while he bikes! 
 FINISH LINE for Barrett!!
 Doha Cuzzies!
 What a fun experience for all of us.  There were over 350 athletes from ages 4 to adult.  The PE staff and volunteers put on an amazing event. It was so well organized and planned.  Also really thankful we left little sister with the babysitter that morning.  whew! 
So proud of our boys!


Jackie said...

Wow!! I love it!! They did so great!! I got a little choked up looking at the proud of them! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing you guys lived in Doha now for 4,5-5 years right...what a wonderful family you have and its interesting to follow your blog through the journey of your life...and days in Doha...wish you and your family the best and god bless you all// ANNA