Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farewell to Morgan

Last weekend I helped host a little going away party for our sweet friend Morgan.  She lived here about 18 months just after graduating from Auburn and was a blessing to us in so many ways.  She worked on her masters and was a full time sub at ASD while living with her parents (our dear friends) Gena and Dan. Didn't take long for us to snatch her up as our number one babysitter since they live just a few doors down!  She has been a precious part of our lives in so many ways.  Once again blessed by a friendship that I wasn't looking for.  She's headed back to Texas to get married and live in Dallas.  So excited we'll be seeing her in both Houston and Dallas in the near future! 

Gena (Morgan's mom) and I put together a spread that included food and decor from her recent foreign experiences and of course her homeland.  Morgan finished her education degree by student teaching in Greece so we served up typical Greek appetizers and of course Greek salad.  And just around the corner from those options was a full spread of Arabic food from this region including shwarmas, hummos, and tabouli.
And of course the main attraction was a little Texas grub.  Beef sliders and Nacho bar.  We aren't the only family that snagged Morgan for babysitting. She was also in high demand for tutoring so she had a big little people fan club!
 And she ALWAYS takes the time to make the little people feel special wherever she is.  
What a great mama she'll be one day!
 After the party (looking a little worn out) but so so thankful for this sweet girl and our time with her in Doha!  We'll miss her so much but can't wait to see what's just around the corner.  We love your Morgie!

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