Friday, April 22, 2011

Georgia's 1st Birthday Par-Tea

On Saturday, we had a tea party to celebrate Georgia's 1st birthday. Living in Doha has given us opportunities by default and by God's blessing that we would never do if we lived anywhere else. Although she's the queen of our house, I'm pretty certain if we lived in Houston she wouldn't have had her first birthday party at the Ritz. Afternoon tea is THE thing to do in Doha. For obvious reasons its not something I do regularly or at all but every afternoon you will find Arabs and Westerners alike visiting over tea and delicious food.
Last year my sweet friends hosted a tea party and shower for me and baby Georgia, who was on her way. So we stuck with that fun theme and I've now decided it would be special to celebrate over tea with Georgia every year for her birthday. Location will vary but it will always remind us of her birthplace and these first years of her life in Doha. Unforgettable and unusual!

Ash brought these invitations that I had designed. Obviously it was an after-thought since our friends didn't actually get them before the party but I figured G needed an 1st Birthday invitation for her baby book that I've yet to even purchase.

Please bare with a lot of pictures that are poor quality.

Georgia Elizabeth Junod

Celebrating a 1st birthday is hard to do without all of our family! So words can't express the blessing it was to have Ashley here to celebrate Georgia's 1st birthday with us. And I'm so thankful Georgia can look back at these pictures and know Aunt Sissy came all the way to Doha for her (and her mama)!

Tables set for friends!
They were so accommodating to our group and the kids! The staff didn't flinch while I was a little nervous about all the china, silver, hot plates, hot tea, tiered food, etc.

Barrett and Cres ready for tea (Sprite)

Our dear friends, the Scott Family. Melissa is a Baylor Bear, her hubster Dr. Steve went to Rice and is a doc here in Doha at Cornell Med School. I've called upon his expertise often and been so thankful! Their little girls, Audrey and Ava LOVE Georgia. A few weeks ago they generously passed down their Snap n' Style Dolls to Georgia. I highly recommend for your 1+ little girl.

Tables full!

Coffee? Tea? Bottle?

Mr. Brooks enjoying himself.

Ava enjoying her milkshake!

Why drink hot boring tea when you can have Fanta in your tea cup?

Bear enjoying his scone (aka biscuit to a Texas boy).

Birthday girl!

Opening some presents with lots of little girl help.
Awesome book from Audrey and Ava.

Lots of girly dress up stuff and a tea set from Cres and Emery.

Brooks opening the "Blue Box".

Precious little Tiffany's necklace from Dede and Jerry.

We picked out a special tea cup and saucer to give Georgia. I'm planning to give her a different one every year for her birthday so she'll have a big tea set collection one day.

Singing "happy birthday"...scone instead of cake of course.

Tried to brighten things up with a little whip cream...that back fired.

Then came the fire works and another singing of "happy birthday". Georgia loved it!

Like most sweets here, they look really pretty but don't taste good. Thankfully we were full!

Georgia and Mrs. Dede...the silver spoon in Georgia's mouth is so appropriate with Dede. Hello! She and Jerry gave Georgia her first little "Blue Box".

Ash and me!

Sweet birthday friends!

2 of Georgia's most favorite people in the world!

Special friends, the Harris family!

Since we didn't have birthday cake at the tea-party we sent everyone home with a cupcake favor.

I can't describe the emotions and feelings I have for my Georgia. Its like puppy love and something deeply spiritual all wrapped up together. And I've never seen her daddy the way he is when he's with her. Warms me from the inside out because I know what its like to have a daddy you adore! And her brothers...they are still beside themselves and head over heals...Glory to God! I know our rivalry days will come but I pray this is just the beginning of a special sibling loyalty and love that's unbreakable. That's a legacy worth working for and leaving behind.
Happy Birthday Sweet Georgia.
We all love you so much!



Jennie said...

Just LOVED this post!!! So sorry we weren't there to celebrate with you! :)

The Berridges said...

Just perfect! Your thoughts about having a daughter are exactly how I feel. Julianne and Brett together is priceless! I think he tells her she's beautiful 50 times a day. Such a unique bond! Love you, friend!

Jill said...

Such an amazing post! I wish we could have been there to par-tea with your sweet family. Your family is beautiful and your new hairdo is so flattering.

Katy said...

Wendi! sigh....................

You know I am just LOVING this post! :) I mean---EVERYthing, every detail---just precious. The dishes, GEORGIA, the future teacup collection, the family pics---oh the family pics---loved em! Love the bros in their pink shirts. And you looked beautiful!!! What a sweet parTea. pERFECT. I am so glad you're enjoying all things pink and know what you mean about seeing your hubby fall in love with his daughter (or should I say their mini-me's???? :)

miss ya---that was darling!

Caryn said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a beautiful family!

shannonmichaelis said...

Just loved all of it. And such a good idea for a little miss's 1st birthday. Cannot wait to get my hands on those children! Georgia is at such a fun age - just in time for Texas. Cannot wait to see you in about 6 weeks!