Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ash made it to Doha!

We could hardly stand it for Ashley (Aunt Sissy) to finally get here on Thursday night. Its no easy task for a mama of 2 littles to get herself and her household ready for mommy to be away for 9 nights and 10 days! Huge thanks and big hugs to our Uncle Dave, Honey and Dave's sweet mom, Janet who are helping this week so Ash can be in Doha! We are so thankful for the blessing of her presence this special week that our little girl turns one. It has already been such a gift and comfort for her to just "be" here! We love her so much!

Georgia getting ready to head for the airport

Waiting for Aunt Sissy. Georgia made the rounds and had no shame of flipping her dress.

She made it!! The boys were SO excited to say the least!!

The girls were just as excited!

After pick-up we headed to Chili's for Ash and the rest of us to feel as close to home as possible!

Ash and G doing a little accessory shopping at one of my favorite Doha stores!

As usual our American traveler came bearing gifts and treasures for all of us.
(Including my deodorant! Praise the Good LORD!)

Honey sent some winners! These have been the biggest hit.

Along with the nasty teeth...Barrett got Transformers for his birthday and fake snakes from Aunt Sissy. The Transformers would have cost us 3x what they do in the US at Walmart so Aunt Sissy was a rock star for bringing such treasured gifts only a boy could want!!

Skyping with Honey to wish her a happy birthday and catching up with the cousins. Honey spent her birthday (and plenty more) taking care of her Texas grandbabies so Ash could be here. Notice the suckers :) Thank you Honey for helping make this visit possible!! Wish you were here too, though!


Shannon said...

So So excited for you to have your sis there! I bet it must be the best feeling in the world! Soak up every minute of it. And - when she has to go home, it won't be long at all until you are back in the USofA! Yippee! Give Miss G big bday hugs from me! Love you!

Katy said...

yAY! So happy Aunt Ash could come for a visit! So happy you have yo good ol sister there. :)

have so much fun!

Sabina said...

I bet Georgia was the star of the show at the airport! I'm sure she got a lot of attention! Hooray for Ash coming for a nice long visit!

Leslie said...

Hope you are having an amazing time together!! Grandmother of the year for doing that!! Love all the pics Wendi!!