Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter was non-traditional, as usual since living in Doha. Every year I'm always confused at when the Easter Bunny comes. Since our weekends are wacky we kinda dress and act as though Friday morning church is Easter. But since its actually Good Friday, there is still something very significant to be remembered spiritually that day. Our church has its usual Friday services plus a Sunday evening service to actually celebrate the day of Resurrection. The Sunday night service is small but its something we never miss. In so many ways this routine, without commercial distractions and a Friday/Saturday weekend re-focuses me on what truly matters at Easter. I will always miss the fun American traditions of Easter but even more-so I miss the usual Saturday/Sunday weekend that provides great anticipation for that glorious day on Sunday which my entire faith and eternal life depend on. I feel like it takes a lot of discipline and obviously a special adoration for our Savior in order for Easter in Doha to be remembered as it should. We had lots of reminders over the weekend to keep our priorities focused eternally. We had surprise sicknesses yet blessed fellowship with friends!

Friday didn't go as planned what so ever. I taught Friday school at church and then by the time Nick arrived with all the kids to the late service, Brooks wasn't feeling well. So I left with Brooks and Georgia while Barrett and Nick stayed for church. We weren't 1/2 a mile away from church before Brooks threw up in the car and finalized the decision that we wouldn't be taking any pictures in their Easter clothes. He and Nick both ended up in bed all afternoon and evening with fevers. blah!

Saturday morning was a new day. Everyone slept a little late and woke up feeling much better. We went over to our friends, the Beaty's house for brunch. Enjoyed it so much! Great food and great friends!

me and Libby

the kids had lots of fun in their pool

Georgia had a rough morning for a few reasons....

We don't regularly go to parks in Doha. So Georgia hasn't learned to love the swing like all normal 1 year olds. The boys would have stayed in a swing for hours at her age. David put her in their swing and she was terrified. Poor thing. We'll have to break her of that this summer!

She also took a really awful fall down a few stairs into a chair. So Daddy helped her recover with cold Clifford ice pack on her head.

Later in the afternoon we went to dye eggs and enjoy a delicious roast/potatoes meal with the Harris and Golden families.

We were so happy the Easter Bunny came to see us in Doha on Easter morning! Whew! Before Daddy left for work we found our baskets and all the hidden eggs.

Supervising the hunt...

Peeps lover...

Since Easter pics didn't work out on Friday in their new duds I rushed to at least document the actual day in just some random clothes we threw on before heading out to meet Nick at our 6pm Easter service. What a mess...Barrett has terribly wet hair b/c of nap bedhead I was trying to fix. Clearly I didn't fix anything! Georgia's face is beat up from her fall the previous day and thankfully you can't see that she's not wearing a diaper cover. Brooks got a hair cut the day after these pictures and his shirt is too small and unbuttoned. None of those things hold any true value or meaning but it was Easter and Easter deserves documentation of these ragamuffins!

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Jackie said...

YOU know we wish we could have spent Easter with you guys again this year! We miss ya'll terribly! I'm glad ya'll had fun though!! :) Georgia looks too sweet in her bunny shirt and cute jean shorts! AND you know I LOVE the pictures at the end...I think they all three look like precious little them!! And you and Nick!! ha! See you SOON!!