Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saying good-bye again.

I don't ever think I can get used to how hard it is to say good-bye to people from Doha. So far I feel like I've had to do it too many times but the truth is I was blessed with incredible relationships in the first 18 months of living in Doha. Had those dear people not been not lived here at that specific time, I would have had a terrible time adjusting to life away from family in this land of almost, sand, heat and interesting challenges. These friends are the every day type. So there's a big fat hole in my day and my life when they go!

So this week I'm feeling the hole and the empty space, big time! Our sweet friends and awesome neighbors moved to Houston on Wednesday! I hated to see them go but there's no better place for them to go than Houston, especially since they're New Yorkers!

Just a few weeks ago Jennie and I were able to spend the morning together hanging out and relaxing at the Four Seasons. I happily joined Mrs. Pickett as her guest and soaked up the quality time.

Ahh...nothing better than the Doha napkin. Even at the Four Seasons the kleenex fills in for the napkin.

I love that when you move to Doha, friends are friends, no matter their age, life-stage, history, hometown, culture, etc. Its a life lesson I'm thankful to learn and take with me. No time or reason to be picky about friends! Jennie and Eric aren't too different than us but they're from New York, a little younger and are basically newlyweds. They've been a bright light on our cul-de-sac and fun friends. Not to mention they're extremely sweet and mindful of our 3 kids. From day one, they took care of me as the pregnant neighbor and followed up with loving little Georgia. Both are incredibly thoughtful. Jennie, is one of the most natural educators ever! She has such a gift of teaching and working with children. She'll be a great mommy one day!

A few nights before Jennie and Eric flew to Houston we were able to grab dinner with them one last time.
Carluccio's at the Pearl with Lindsay, Brad, Jennie and Eric

Picketts and Junods

We will greatly miss the Picketts being in Doha and I know we're not the only ones. They are the type of people that others are naturally drawn to. I'm so thankful these Yankees turned Texans are now in Houston. I've warned them about the Texas love and how once you get a taste you'll never forget it and always call it home :) So come on Houston give em your best! See you this summer friends for a sweet reunion! We miss you!!


Jackie said...

You're doing good! I know Goodbyes are no fun!! I'm going to continue praying for you and asking God to give you peace when you have to say goodbye to sweet friends.

Jennie said...

Just seeing this now and love it! After our long call and reading this, makes me sad but so happy you'll be in H-Town sooner than later :) Thanks so much for posting! xx, Jennie