Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Fun Week!

This week didn't go quite as planned. Not sure if it was my failure to plan better or just random acts of Doha that rearranged how things went. None-the-less we had a blast with Ash and lots of fun celebrating Georgia's birthday!

After the boys were dropped at school Ash and I relaxed for a while at the Sharq.

Georgia ready for a little shopping in some of her new duds that Honey sent.

Our mornings always seemed rushed because of the usual school and nap schedule. But have no fear we made time to hit up H&M a few times. This is Ash and 2 of the 3 in front on Villagio Mall.

Duty called like never before at the office for Nick while Ash was visiting. Obviously I considered that timing perfecto for me! I would have gone crazy and was so thankful for her help with the kids. One evening we enjoyed Thai Snack for dinner and some surprise Easter shopping. This Easter garb looked like it was sold at Dollar General in 1985 but it was Easter stuff. And thats saying something!

Walking and actually holding hands!

Yummy food!

The next morning we tried a new spot to get our Easter pedis. "Diva" the salon was great. We look like we just rolled out of bed. We kinda did.

For lunch we were in a little bit of a hurry to do the school pick up so we stopped at our favorite spot for Mid Eastern cuisine :) They have the best chicken shish tawook sandwiches.

After school pick up we took the boys to see the movie, Rio. Great movie! We met a nice lady who offered to take our picture. She was so nice but had a hard time with the camera. We actually saw her for 3 days straight and day after day she wanted to be our photographer. Bless her and our pictures!

Poor Nick really worked like a dog all week. So after the babies were in bed Ash and I made lettuce wraps and enjoyed some left over pad thai.

Birthday morning with ONE YEAR OLD Georgia!

Birthday grubbin!

We spent Georgia's birthday morning cruising the souqs and making a few purchases. Ash and I found a man to make Georgia and Anna Lou pearl bracelets to wear with their Easter dresses.

I offered to take this crew's picture so their photographer could be in the photo. Then asked permission to take one with my own camera. Sharp looking group of school boys with their teachers.

We settled in for lunch at a place that has great lebanese food.

Grilled hallumi cheese...amazing!

Georgia is ONE!

One of Georgia's favorite faces...

At the souqs we found the movie theater lady once again to take a picture.

Then we rushed to the American School so Brooks' aunt could read to his class! Brooks' teacher loves for visitors to come to class and introduce themselves and read. Aunt Sissy was so happy to do the job and Brooks was SO PROUD!

Birthday Girl!

We decided on a family favorite, Johnny Rockets for Georgia's birthday dinner. Nick was literally stuck in a work situation that couldn't budge. It really was such an unusual week for him. He was heartbroken but without any issues we reassured him that the celebration would be put on hold until Daddy could be present.

Instead of presents and cake the boys were just as happy decorating eggs while we postponed the rest of the party til the next day.

The next morning the Bees were out of school so we happily accepted my dear friend, Dede's offer to spend some time poolside at the Ritz.

Great way to spend Ash's last day in Doha!

Nick came home early that afternoon and we celebrated Miss Georgia with cake and presents.


Helping...and sampling!

Georgia digging into the most delicious cupcakes EVER!

It wasn't my birthday but I definitely treated myself with these in honor of Georgia and I think everyone else enjoyed them too!!

She loved it but it wasn't a messy cake.

Watching Georgia open her first baby doll Honey sent was priceless....I had no idea she would be so excited.

She was mad Daddy wasn't moving faster!

Matching bow heads!

Thankfully Tatty sent a new fridge farm for this girl. Her brothers only used their farm for throwing the pieces and sliding them under the oven.

New shades too! This girl got some swim gear from everyone so she's ready for some Texas sun!

That night we had to put Ash on airplane back to Dallas. Big hugs and kisses from the Bees before bed.

Goodness...there are no words to describe the woman I call sister! What a gift and treasure she is to me. She alone is one of my comfort zones. She's incredibly selfless and easy to love! Her visit was so perfectly timed and needed. I'm so so thankful to her mother-in-law (Janet), my mom and Dave for sharing her with us and making the week possible. I'll never forget it and Georgia is blessed to have such a special aunt. Birthdays are hard for me to celebrate without family. She made this 1st for Georgia so memorable!

Thanks so much Ash for being here and leaving your loves to love on us! We missed you the first second you were out of our sight and I think my eyes are still swollen from the tears I cried all the way home from the airport. I love you good, girl and am so thankful you're mine!! See you soon with the rest of the bunch!


Caryn said...

Bah...Stop the waterworks with that sister talk - you know I know all about some good sister lovin and it seriously makes my heart ache to think of you two saying goodbye!! So glad Ashley got to be there with you guys!!

Cutie patootie one year old with her baby doll - love!

shannonmichaelis said...

Georgia - come to Aunt Shani's house so I can hug you and get to know you!

Love all the sister week of festivities - such a blessing she was there all week!

Now...to decide when I can come visit!

Shannon said...

Oh my heavenly days! I'm with Caryn- know all about that sister love and having to say goodbye is the worst! It won't be long until you are home for a good long while! What an incredible week you had with Ashley! The pictures of the party, your family shots, etc....just all beautiful! I love the teacup and her first baby doll. Too, too precious! And having tea every year...best idea ever for you guys! :-)

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

You made me cry! So sweet what you said about Ash! All so true!!! Love all the pictures! Looks like y'all had a blast!!!

Katie Tuley said...

OH how much fun!!!!! I only wish we could've celebrated with y'all. What a precious blessing. Love you guys and can't wait to hug your neck!

Jackie said...

I LOVE every single picture!! And I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!! :) I love that Aunt Sissy got to be there for Georgie's birthday...very special. I love everything about her actual bday...from the outfit to the cupcakes to Ms. Georgia and all her cuteness. Wish I could have been there to give her a birthday hug and kiss!! Miss ya'll!