Saturday, April 2, 2011

Emery's Birthday

Six years ago we celebrated Emery's first birthday with her at her house in Cypress, Texas less than a mile away from our own house. Emery's mom and I are Baylor friends and sorority sisters so we kept up after our college days with supper clubs, play dates and birthday parties.

Fast forward 6 years and here we are across the world together in Doha, plus a few extra siblings.

Brooks and Emery at her 1st birthday party.

Brooks and Emery at her 6th birthday party.

Emery had and adorable Rockstars and Ballerinas party.

All the girls got tutus including Georgia.

Grammy and Mommy (the awesome party planners) with the birthday Queen!

Tuesday was Emery's actual birthday and we celebrated at her place of choice, Dairy Queen!!

These two are little love birds. So far the relationship is completely innocent but the daddies are a keeping a close eye on them! I don't think I've ever seen Brooks smile so great for the camera.

Happy Birthday Em. Looking forward to many more with you, sweet girl!

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Shannon said...

UMMM....that last picture has rehearsal dinner video written all over it! What cuties! Isn't incredible to think that God knew all along that his plan was to take you both to Doha. So, so neat! Love you and miss you as always. Let's do what we keep saying we're going to do and skype soon! :-)