Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Part ONE

Last week was Spring Break for ASD and Apple Tree so the boys were free and without plans. Then it happened...I realized I might go crazy without something to do! We made some quick plans and had a awesome week. We started last Saturday with a trip to the Singing Sand Dunes. Its just about too hot here so we grabbed the decent afternoon weather and enjoyed it with some good friends.
We made it to the top...

A view from the top...teeny little cars and camp site.

My sweet friend Melissa making her way up! You can tell from this picture how deep you sink with every step. Its no easy task making it to the top.

After a good climb we opened the delicious buffet of ridiculous appetizers!

How many men does it take to light a tiny little disposable grill?

Hanging with Georgia!

Sun going down and the kids going up...
We took foam play mats for Georgia to play on but she of course had no interest in staying still. The kids tried to used them as sand sleds...sounded like a good idea.

The Bees hanging out by the campfire.

Smore Time!

Daddy and Tough Cookie Georgia
Yes, Georgia has big fat bruise on her head. The downfalls to walking and brothers!

We spent most of our Spring Break with the Harris family. Sunday the kids spent the morning hanging out a their house so I could go to a hair appointment. Later in the week we traded favors and Lindsay did the same.

On Monday we met at Gondolania for some lunch and fun.

Doha hits a home run with their mall play areas. They aren't free but totally worth the cost. They're clean and HUGE!

Its even fun for Georgia

Tuesday we woke up and went straight into SUGAR overload. It was also one of those mornings where I realized Georgia was wearing her last diaper. Krispy Kreme worked great for getting everyone out of the house. I asked Barrett if he wanted to take a picture and this is what I got without any set up. I love that there's no doubt about our location. The minaret reflection and traditional dress advertising are a dead give away.

Tuesday night we met our Spring Break besties at Chili's for dinner (minus baby and Daddies who were working hard)

After dinner we followed up with the much anticipated pottery painting.

After the evening was over we swapped kids. Emery came to spend the night at our house and Barrett went to stay the night with Cres. Before this sounds inappropriate I promise you these 2 are still babies and as innocent as can be. They adore each other. The days of adoration are limited and soon enough football, dance, Transformers and American Girl dolls will come between them. At one point Emery said that that "Brooks sat very still when I brushed his hair".

Wednesday morning we made homemade donuts!
(Semi-homemade with biscuits...HUGE hit!)

The final mouthwatering masterpieces!

Brooks had some competition when little Georgia was awake. Babysitter in training!

Late Wednesday morning Barrett arrived back to the house with Cres. He survived and loved every minute of his first ever sleepover! I was kinda sad and proud about how well he did all by himself. He almost always has his partner, Brooks. He's a big dreamer and has recently been having lots of bad dreams (alligators, dinosaurs, etc). I had specifically prayed for a restful night and no need to drive across Doha at 2am. Thank you Lord!

Georgia update: She is in full walking mode. Made the transition quick. Crawling is apparently for babies! She's a mover and risk taker. Appears to have a little more caution than her brothers but wants to keep up and keep moving!!
Baker lovin'

Here she is one handin' the bottle as usual. Shout out to Aunt Monica who sent the shirt :)

Drinking and driving is not a good idea but she insists! One handed again.
Why sit still when there are places to go!

Walking, drinking and practicing her soon to be age of ONE! ahhh...I can't believe it!

Spring Break wrap up
to be continued...


Jennie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut!!!!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!

Shannon said...

Beautiful hair, Sister! I need a new do so terribly right now! What a fun Spring Break! Can't wait until you're home! Love you!

Katy said...

Love your haircut, missy! and I'm with Shannon---I need a new do too!

Also love Georgia Lou's outfits of course! darling as always.

Thought of you cuz I'm placin an order with Remember Nguyen for the kids' Easter duds. i'll take one of each, please! :)

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! I'm with everyone else...your hair looks adorable!! :) Love it! And Georgia looks too sweet in all her PJ pics. Miss you guys!

Jenise Livesay said...

Had to come check out the hair and I think it perfect! Looks so cute. Fun, Fun Spring Break stuff!

Sabina said...

Love the hair, love those boys, love that tough cookie girlie! Miss the SINGING DUNES! We always said that about 2 weeks before Jacob's Birthday was the last time we could go and stand the heat... here you are 2 weeks before his birthday...and Georgia's birthday!!!