Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tea Party for Georgia

On Saturday 4 of my favorite people in Doha hosted a perfect tea party shower in honor of Georgia. They went to extremes for the details, which is hard to do in Doha. Since we don't have personal mailboxes in Doha, people don't send invitations for anything. Evites are it, which work great. But the hostesses had an invitation designed by Rebecca Read back home in the US and then they personally handed them out to who was invited in Doha.
The shower was "Afternoon Tea" at the Four Seasons
(obviously I borrowed this picture)

Who wants a picture by themselves...NOT ME!
But the saga of this shower dress was funny and I want to remember it. First of all, wearing a dress this short isn't appropriate or comfortable for us in the usual public places in Doha. Hotels have much different rules though. They really don't have anything works. Doha doesn't have a decent selection of maternity clothes. I spent way too much time thinking and shopping for something that wasn't ever going to be here.
So I just bought this normal dress in a larger size and had it altered in certain places. Never having used a tailor in Doha, I wasn't quite prepared for the funny experience. But thanks to my good friend Dede she escorted me through what we like to call "Bagdad Doha". We went to this tiny shop with a tiny upstairs dressing room. The entire thing was comical but they did a great job for about $10. The dress really was short and the 8 month tummy didn't help.

As we all say...Doha is the "land of almost". Jackie worked incredibly hard to make sure the hotel had all the details in order and it was just the way it should be. They generously provided these cute edible (chocolate) centerpieces...they just happened to be BLUE. They were done well and no one truly cares, but we got a good laugh in the land of almost.

Jackie, Dede, me, Sue

Pam, Judy, me

Me, Melissa, Jodi, Jenise

Julie, Donna, Pam

Biny, Yvonne, Mickey - CoP ladies!

Jodi, Amy, Jackie, Melissa

Jenise, me, Jennie

Toasting our Moraccan Mint Tea


Biny and Yvonne with their Diet Cokes at the tea party :)

All of these sweet friends are from church/Bible study.

the View

The food...delicious and they just kept bringing more!

Opening gifts

Me and Aunt Biny...
I've started to refer to her as Aunt Biny now because she is SO SWEET and has already done so much for us and Georgia hasn't even arrived. Biny has 3 boys so I think she's enjoying the idea of a baby girl as much as we are. She is one of the few on the go-to list if we have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Since the day I moved to Doha, she's taken the best care of us and she's a great friend!

Jackie and me.
If the only reason for me to move to Doha was to meet Jackie...I'd do it again in a heartbeat. This girl is one of a kind. She's so thoughtful and mindful of other people. Such a servant's heart and one of the best listeners! Not to mention she makes me laugh (a lot)!! I couldn't be more thankful!

4 of my faves! These are the sweet friends that hosted the shower. Each one has a really special place in my heart for unique reasons. As I've told them before.. this whole "baby" thing in Doha wouldn't be possible without them. They are my family!
Donna, Dede, me, Amy, Jackie

We're off with a car full of pink dress in the window to prove it.

I missed my mom and Ashley so much at the shower. These were taken so Honey could see what Georgia was blessed with. The gifts she sent with Jenise would have been enough for everyone!!
I used to think shopping for a baby in Doha was for the BIRDS but after this shower there is proof this place has plenty!
Thank you to dear friends and all the generosity you've poured out for our family. We'll never forget this time and preparation for our baby girl in Doha.

Brooks and Barrett's favorite gifts were the 2 pair of pink sunglasses, of course.


angie said...

Oh I think your dress is beautiful! You look stunning. I am sad too that your mom and sis weren't there but these ladies really outdid themselves. Now Miss Georgia can officially come home to a girlie room and plenty of beautiful clothes. The shower looked perfect. Nice work Doha peeps!

Katy said...

Love the dress---I don't care if it is short! :)

Love that Jenise got to come see you----even if I was a little jealous!

Love what you said about your friend Jackie---how sweet is that?

and, Love the new blog layout! c.u.t.e.

nanflan said...

Love a good tea party! So appropriate for a girly shower...And with legs like yours-any dress will do! You look marvelous Sexy Mama! I think Baby G agrees with you!!! Miss you so much!

Ashley Hall said...

OH how I would have given anything to be there! I know you are so thankful for your awesome Doha friends and I am too! Looks like you got a lot of cute pink for that closet! Love Georgia and you so much!

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, you look hot to trot with that dress on. Dohalicious! It's fun to finally see close-ups of Biny, Amy, Jennie, etc. that I have heard so much about. Thankful for these sweet women that the Lord arranged for you to be around, however short the time may seem. Love all that pink - wish I could have sat at that table with you and J-li!

Anonymous said...


You look GORGEOUS! I've never left a comment on a blog before so I hope I'm doing this right. Just want you to know that I think about you all the time.

Love you so!