Saturday, February 19, 2011

Barrett in boots, RIDES BIKE!

This little nugget tugs at my heart in a special way and this weekend was monumental! He's gaining on that big bro in a lot of ways and yesterday he definitely decided he wanted to keep up. With only 10 days until left until his 4th birthday Barrett is now an official bike rider! This facial expression is just pretend but I had to include it because its shows his sweet eyes that are one of my favorite things God gave him. Bear's got me wrapped around his little finger and I was so proud of him yesterday.

He asked Daddy to take the training wheels off. Buzz shirt and boots are the winning combination!

Mission Accomplished!

I was so disappointed in the pictures I took yesterday. Video camera in one hand and clicking the big camera in the other which makes for blurry pics and a puke session after you watch the video. So I took some more today when he was back on the bike!

First, this bike "the Chopper" was key to learning how to ride. Santa brought this bike which at the time was a total bummer present in Barrett's opinion. Completely not interested. A few weeks later with a little Doha boredom he was crusin' on the chopper. Since it doesn't have pedals or training wheels he's forced to balance. Now he loves it and especially down the ramp.

Little peanut.

Full of expression.

Living in Doha makes for year round bike riding. Within a few months we'll be moving to a new villa in a new compound. Leaving the cul-de-sac will be one of the hardest things to let go of. I'm so glad we don't have snow days and have had the safe street for both boys to play and learn to ride their bikes. Big Doha Days have happened here on "the Sac" for us!


Caryn said...

What is it about those second born boys??? I am a sucker for the wy guy in the same way!! And I CAN NOT believe he is riding his bike already - amazing!! OK I need to catch up with you soon didn't know you guys were moving? Love you!

Jackie said...

He is way too precious!! His little face is just so sweet!! Very proud of him!!! He's getting way too big! Can't wait to give him a big hug soon!!! :) Keep the pics coming!!

Katy said...

Um you know how i've always loved the Brooks man, but lately I'm kind crushing on Bear Bear!! :)
Darling little thing! The picture with his tongue out?? too much. Love him.

Wow==AM still has training wheels! And I think if we don't press her she might always have them! :)

miss you sista---didn't know you were moving? need some deets on that please. xoxo!

Shannon said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Reagan has yet to conquer the bike riding and she is 6!!! So proud of him! That is incredible! He is such a looker, Wendi. Your boys are so so handsome! LOCK EM UP! :-) I'm with Caryn - had no clue you were moving! Fill us in!

Sabina said...

Yeah Bear!!! I love the photos, you captured the moment beautifully! We should have made notches in the tree of all the kiddos that learned to ride a bike on that same Cul-de-sac!
Hug that boy for me! And his siblings too!

Jaime said...

adorable pics...but seriously, that is the coolest wooden bike ever!

Jennie and Eric said...

Go Bear, go!!! Loved witnessing this!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Boots and bikes - great combo from a Texas-born fella!