Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

We started our Valentines day with some celebrating at home because Barrett's nursery school doesn't do much to recognize the love day. So we had a breakfast valentines party.

Sister got a kissin' camel from daddy.

Opening their valentines.

I made these awful colored whoopie pies that we referred to as Qatar Whoopie Pies. I ran out of red food coloring so risked it all with burgundy. Since they are in our house, they have nothing to do with College Station. However if you do like College Station the burgundy Wilton food coloring might be great for you're next "whoopie" pie.

We made cake balls for the teachers.

Georgia celebrated with some tutu luv!

Since I'm one of the homeroom mom's for Brooks' class I helped with the school party. His teacher started the party with a game of musical chairs. They were so hesitant to sit down and we're more excited to get out of the game for a prize.

Working hard to decorate his heart.

One of my Valentines!

Brooks' class

For dinner we got the grand idea to take all 3 children to a steakhouse we've been wanting to try. JW's at the Marriott. Getting settled in the dark formal dining room was a little stressful but we survived and enjoyed our steaks just fine. For the Doha people, I thought it was a little over priced. The salad was poor but the steak was awesome, as well as the creamed spinach. Nice atmosphere and decent service. Oh and onion rings reminded me of what was served in the Armstrong Middle School cafeteria that used to be presented with pizza and wacky cake. All that to say, I'd still go back. Just don't order onion rings or the wedge salad.
Brooks and the Menu

Waitin' for a steak

Georgia, who was quite squirmy during the steak dinner.

Family pic with shoe-less baby.

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Amy said...

Wendi - I love how you do everything as a family, even Valentine's Day dinner! You guys are awesome and setting such a fantastic example for your kiddos!