Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Action packed weekend!

Few random moments in this post but it mostly consists of our action packed weekend. Literally full of action, activity and athletics.

First up, (bad photo) but sweet girl wearing a clip for the first time. The hair is so thin and long.

At the end of the week Brooks had to dress as a book character for school. Clifford is a favorite at our house and its easy to make a boy into a big red dog!

Clifford and Pluto per Barrett's request.

Friday was the trophy ceremony and end of season party for t-ball. These boys have had trophy on their mind for WEEKS! Since Daddy was the coach he had to give a little summary, announce all the players plus handout hugs and trophies!

Neal was Brooks' new t-ball friend. The boys are waiting around until they get the go-ahead to get on the bounce houses!

Bear, Mama Bear and random hair :)

Brooks and Coach!

Later that night we headed to Education City for a little basketball. Education City is an area in Doha where all the Universities are located. Its like one big huge campus full of campuses. We were able to catch the end of the Texas A&M Cornell men's game.

A lot of the students at these universities are local or from the middle east. However there are 2 students studying abroad here in Qatar at A&M from the College Station campus. One is in the picture below with the backpack and the other is actually playing! How sweet is that. He gets to go back to Texas with an Aggie basketball jersey. I must admit the level of play was similar to decent intramural basketball. But it was very competitive and there were some die-hard fans with drums and loud voices!

We were actually there to watch the American School girls varsity team. The high school baller in me loved the scenery. I was a bit refreshed to see the normal idea of school athletics. The talent isn't top notch but they don't spend every waking hour, all year long breathing basketball. Little different than what we're used to in the US for sports! The game and atmosphere is competitive but its not their life. Don't get me wrong...I like some serious competition and I miss high school football but this seems like a more healthy approach for teenagers.
ASD Varsity
They play all the university teams for games (A&M, Cornell, Qatar Academy, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown)

ASD was playing Georgetown in a tournament. They won this game but lost in the championship to Qatar Academy.

The next morning Brooks participated in Action Unlimited Day at ASD. It reminded me of Field Day. He enjoyed most of it. At times he was definitely distracted by popcorn and snowcones.

2 faithful fans (Frosty the Snowman and Wolverine)

Brooks thought this was a real dead chicken. He passed it with the chopsticks but wouldn't dare let it touch him.

3 legged race with his buddy Neal.

on their way DOWN!

Wet sponge between the legs.

The US Air Force and US Navy were helping out with most of the event. They were awesome and made tug of war so much fun!

Just a few of sister! On this very day, February 12th, 2011 GEJ got her very first tooth. Finally! She's a week short of 10 months. Another one will make its appearance this week too.

Last but not least...this is such a Doha funny! Brooks got this juicer in his McDonalds Happy Meal. He had seen a sign advertising them and when he opened his Happy Meal over the weekend we thought he found $100. He was so excited. Begged me to buy lemons or oranges and then made and drank a full glass of OJ.


Jackie said...

Girl!! I love your new blog design!! :) So, so cute! :) I didn't know Brooks and Barrett were both playing TBall? I don't know why I thought it was just Brooks...so sweet. Love the trophy pics...and barely recognize Nick with his facial hair. I don't know if I've ever seen him with that much before. :) What in world...Ms. Georgia!! She has to have the all time cutest outfits! :) Love, Love her! Love all of you guys!!! Enjoy every minute with your sweet family! :)

Shannon said...

The Wolverine and Snow Man comment made me wet giggle! I love it! Such great pictures! Little GJ is so precious and looking so much older! So so pretty! And - Payton and Reagan didn't get teeth until about that time as well. We miss you and love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

I have never laughed louder at your listings before - Wolverine and Snow Man, Mama Bear with crazy hair, etc. Georgia in those last photos - precious! Yea for new teeth - bring em on! Love Nick's scruff - makes him look like a Texas boy. And love love the new blog design - I want to change up my wording to reflect where I am right now spiritually as well. Love it all - great job! Maybe we can touch base later today...

Caryn said...

Oh My goodness so much good stuff...clifford, melt me! And Wolverine??? Nice one Nick, you know your buddy Stacey would be proud of that look! Love all the T-Ball Basketball and Field Day picks looks like some good times in Doha for the Junods.