Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Culture Day at Apple Tree

Today was culture day at Barrett's school, Apple Tree. Students are asked to wear traditional dress and bring a food from their country to share. Hello, we're from the great country of T.E.X.A.S.
So Bear was ready to ride.

The cowboy and his Daddy on their way to school

If I could bottle him up and save it forever, I would!

Parents were invited to join the older classes for a little reception. We chose to contribute Snickerdoodles (which we practiced saying many times) and brownies. Last year we took Krispy Kremes and that was a total bust. This year our American/Texas contribution was well accepted.

So many countries are represented at Apple Tree.

A few of Barrett's classmates and his teachers.

Miss Mary and Miss Julie

Barrett in his classroom with lots of crafting and art specific to their "countries and cultures" theme.

Few other kiddos...

There she is as happy as can be showing her new sweet teeth.

Honestly some days I can't get enough of the melting pot of cultures, languages and differences that surround us in Doha. And other days I desperately miss the comfort, feel, smell, look and ease of Houston, Texas. I'm leaning towards missing home these days. I take some serious pride in who we are as Americans and Texans and I could use a little bit of the Lone Star State. And thankfully one of my best friends will be here in 2 weeks. I love the spirit and loyalty Texans share with each other. There is nothing like it and there is no doubt our kids will always know where they're from! (side note: Its funny how people here are so easily annoyed with Texans and the way we do know our volume, special vocabulary, drama, excitement, cooking, parties, pride, etc. With quite a few of us here in Doha, we stir up some dust.)
But more importantly, I know that the boys have been exposed and introduced to something that can never be taken away or replaced. I pray these experiences bring glory to God and help mold the minds and hearts of my children forever. May all of our eyes continue to be open to what the world truly looks like. While Heaven may look, smell, taste and feel like Texas its not quite the real world.


Arvil's Wife said...

Oh my goodness, I know what you mean about missing Houston. Although not nearly as far away as y'all are, I found myself actually missing traffic! Traffic!! I live in a town of around 10,000. There is only one Walmart and no matter the time of day I can get there in 15 minutes and get checked out in 5! -sigh- Happy that you get some Houston company soon!

P.S. Your kids could not be any cuter!

Woodbury Family said...

Sad to hear ya'll won't be coming to London for spring break! I love the pics of your cowboy and your other precious kiddos :) There is certainly no place like home ;)