Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boot Scoot 2011

Well this was our 3rd Boot Scoot to attend. It was different for a lot of reasons but still a great night out full of country music and a great time with the best Texans I know here in the desert. There was even a big group of Texans that flew over from Muscat, Oman to attend the Boot Scoot this year. When you need a taste of Texas you'll do just about anything.

There seemed to be a lot less people this year which changed the energy a little. Last year I was very pregnant but walked away with a pretty awesome party favor from the silent auction. This year the auction items weren't as exciting so Nick was happy I didn't put our name on any lists. My favorite part of the night was probably the was a close to TexMex as I've tasted. No where near the real-deal but good enough for Doha. Fajitas, quesadillas, guac, queso, chips, salsa and of course margaritas.

Nick, Chris, Brad

Carmen (married to Chris), Lindsay (married to Brad) and me.

Junods and the Scotts

This year was the first year for the Boot Scoot to actually have a dance floor. Makes a big difference but of course it came apart and we had to take a time out, turn up the lights and fix the floor...
Always in the land of almost.

Lindsay and Brad cuttin' a rug

Kim and Jamie - sweet friends and soon to be neighbors, yay!

I love this picture of our good friends the Jacksons and Warners. Good times had by all.

My Boot Scooter.

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Jennie and Eric said...

looks like it was fun girl! Sorry we missed it!