Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine Cards

These cards were so memorable and truth be told they will eventually be in the trash. That's why a blog is so great. Its transitioning the Junods to be paperless. Well not all the artwork and special things but most of it can be saved here instead of in a drawer.

First up my card from Barrett. Daddy helped with the front text a bit.

Barrett seems to really care less about letters and well...learning. So, seeing his sweet name in his own handwriting for the first time makes for a special Valentine.

Brooks made his card at school.

The inside was done all on his own...another first. He wrote a sentence...

...what you can't read that? I couldn't either but Nick totally guessed right.
"I love my brother and mommy and daddy"
Kinda surprised he left out Georgia as much as he adores her. Recently the "broverly" love has been lacking so I'll take it with a happy happy heart.

And last from my one true Valentine. This is awesome! There is nothing better than a bacon heart card from your sweetheart when you live in the pork-less country of Qatar. Hilarious!

And in typical fashion, I didn't buy a card. Cards are expensive and Hallmark in Doha jacks up the price 3-4x more than at home. I can't stand the cost of a $4 card in America much less at $10+ card from here. I prefer a verbal card. So, thats what Nick got :)

And big thanks to our sweet families because they sent the kids Valentines which absolutely made their day! Takes some seriously planning to get those things here.


Sharon said...

OH my! Are you loving having that baby girl and all the TUTUs and stuff?! Too cute! We need to talk soon! Love you!

Jennie and Eric said...

Loved the cards! Was that real bacon?! I paid 40 QR for Eric's card, yes, I know, ridic!