Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boot Scoot '10

Last weekend we participated in our annual support of the Aggies at the Texas A&M Boot Scoot. Every year the A&M Qatar campus has a fundraiser that benefits their own campus, plus The American School of Doha, Boy/Girl Scouts and a few others. Although everything is maroon and white we consider it one of our best nights out in Doha. Its basically a bunch of Texans getting together to eat Mexican food and do a little country dancin' all night.

My cowboy...and my little cowgirl I guess too.

Donna and me

The Jacksons and Junods (this was their first Boot Scoot...they said it was the most fun they've had in Doha, yet)

The Woods - these two are the sweetest. We know them from church. They are from the UK and got a big kick out of the entire evening. We must look ridiculous doing the the "cotton eyed joe" and being so excited about it! I was impressed they tried the "Two-Step".

The Kabells - Aggies from Lake Jackson

Whoohoo for new friends! Eric and Jennie, just moved in a few doors down from us. They had been in Doha less than a week and we suckered them into going to the Boot Scoot. Unfortunately they were referred to as the "Yankees". They're New Yorkers! We are so excited and thankful to have them as neighbors and friends!

They served Sopapillas....minus the cinnamon/sugar. Oh well...close enough in the "Land of Almost".

I may go to the Boot Scoot but I'm sure not participating in the Aggie War Hymn. Pretty amazing to see the number of "Former Students" that are here in Doha. The room was full and this line wrapped around the dance floor.

Donna and Greg...if you're from Borger, TX and you can't dance. Go back! These too tore up the dance floor...well the carpet floor. Only in Doha?

Jerry and Dede are such good dancers they were teaching the Brits and the Yankees.

Best of all I left the Boot Scoot with a little party favor...I won this in the silent auction. Its hand made and to say I'm excited might be an understatement.

Jennie also was a bigger winner of this cool Elephant Bench.

Until next year...


Sybil K said...

When you left your comment on my blog, I didn't realize that you had GONE to the Boot Scoot...ding, ding, ding,Doha to Sybil!. I'm double sorry that we didn't meet. It's so much fun to meet your Internet world in person. It will eventually happen! Awesome pics!

Caryn said...

So fun to see a little Texas in Doha!! Looks like a very fun night with fin friends. You look beautiful - seriously a knock out I think pregnancy looks good on you missy!! And I love your new piece of furniture - WOW what great souvenir!

Christine said...

OH MY GOSH!!! What an awesome door prize. Good grief!! And you look fabulous!

Shannon said...

Where to even begin with this Boot Scooting post! You look WONDERFUL and so darn cute in your boots and jeans! Ummm....and the silent auction piece you took home...IMPRESSIVE! What a great piece to keep forever and always think of Doha. Lastly, I know it was nice to get a night that was "Texas" themed. We miss you tons and cannot wait for the summer when you are back home and we can hold that precious girly!

Sybil K said...

P.S. Wendi, We did speak with the Kabells that night...Kevin works with my husband, David. Small world.

shannonmichaelis said...

Laughing, you Baylor folk surrounded by the Aggie Madness. My dad is going out of control for the BU/A&M game tonight. Look sassy in that boot scootin' outfit - love me some boots over a pair of jeans any day. And Nick, was he just in hog heaven wearing that get up? So glad to see photos of the old AND new friends!

Katy said...

Such cute pics, sister! Love it! You have officially reached the "glowing" phase! ;) So pretty, Miss Wendi. Loved the one of you with the fake soapapillas. hehe
Get it with those cowgirl boots!

Lindsey said...

You all are too cute! I love the baby bump picture with your hubs hand on your belly. :) That piece of furniture is gorgeous! What a great find.

Sappington said...

One word for you Wendi-WHOOP!


Loved the pictures. Praying for your little princess!

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