Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just like Daddy!

Nick took a while to come downstairs after getting home from work last night. Well, as soon as he walked into the kitchen Brooks was mesmerized by Daddy's haircut he gave himself and he said "Daddy, your hair looks so cool". Its been awhile since Nick broke out the clippers, so I guess it was more obvious to Brooks. Within just a few minutes Brooks wanted to cut his hair just like Nick's. And that's just what they did. I've always been curious what really short hair would look like on the Bees but was too nervous to actually buzz it. Well, with nothing formal in our future and being boys...what have we got to loose. It can only grow!

I love Nick's very serious barber shop stance and concentration!
Hey...better him than me! I'm not screwin' it up!
(yes Nick has a cape in his collection)


This boy has some thick STRAIGHT hair! It doesn't look as short as it really is because he's got so much of it. Its like carpet!

Not only did Brooks want to look just like Daddy, he also wanted to have on a Baylor shirt and shorts just like Daddy, PLUS he wanted to be sure Daddy liked the dessert he picked out after dinner. Sounds good to me! I count it a blessing that he wants to be like his Daddy.
Of course "Repeat" wanted in on this action.

Hot Mess Before:


Blondies just like Daddy! All mine!


amanda said...

so cute, wen! i love that you called barrett "repeat." i've never heard you say that before. hilarious. they are too cute.

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh. my. word. You cut off their beautiful blond hair! They look so old! How fun to chop it all off, and onto the tile of your own floor. :-)

Love the Doha restaurant - can we say lots of sparkle?

Boo on the Duncans leaving. Tell Donna to give me a call when she gets back to H-town...

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, your boys look precious with their buzz cuts. Reid uses a razor to shave what's left of his hair and has been begging me to let him buzz Travis, but I've been holding off. Maybe I should give in...

precious pics!!!

Shannon said...

I LOVE IT! They are too precious with that buzzed head. We used to do that to Landon when he was their age. Now he wants to "grow it out"......lovely!

Leslie said...

OK so how did Nick do it? Dumb question? Brian would be THRILLED if I saved money and cut the boys hair. If Nick can do it, so can I right? I need the details. I've been wanting to do that to boys hair but have been nervous - your boys look adorable!!! Surely mine can pull it off too?!? I think it would make Ian look F.A.T. though!

Kristin said...