Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decade of Togetherness!

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
-- Dr. Seuss

September 2, 2010 marked a decade of marriage for us. We've been a "husband" and a "wife" for 10 years. It doesn't seem like too long ago until I sit and think about the details of our decade together.

Getting our first jobs, buying our first cars, making brand new friends (as a couple), joining a church, the loss of a grandmother, loosing a parent, buying TWO dogs, renting a town home, being laid off, searching for another job, learning to live within our means, celebrating our first holidays and birthdays, buying a house, traveling, difficulty with our jobs, enduring the heartache of a miscarriage, trying to get pregnant, having our first baby, living on one salary, buying a boat, having another baby (very quickly after having the first), adding to our extended family with marriages and new babies, selling our house, moving to Doha, spending months away from each other, having a baby in Doha...shoot, just plain LIVING in Doha and the list goes on!

I'm thankful I can say the last 10 years have been the absolute best years of my life. The blessings over these years have come from so many different circumstances. I especially count my blessings that have come from hardship, whether its been something tangible or an area of growth in my life. I've learned the most about myself, Nick and God's love for us when we've been in the trenches. We are two totally different and very imperfect people. I'll be the first to say that being happily married is hard work. But the work is worth every bit of the reward. Thank the good Lord for his grace when we've been more focused on ourselves rather than God's will. Its pretty obvious from the pictures below, that we were babies when we got married. We've done a lot of growing up and growing together in the last decade. I feel rescued having known without a doubt that Nick was the man I would call husband for the rest of my life. I love him with all my heart and he's every bit and more of my better half! We truly are opposites in so many ways. I would be a disaster without his strengths. I've learned so much from him...he completes me.

Since we got married back in the dark ages of film cameras...these pictures had to be scanned. Another reminder that 10 years ago was a different world. I tried to scan pictures from our formal wedding album but it didn't work know the big black ones. Again...ancient times!

Rehearsal Dinner
I have all kinds of comments about this picture. Mostly what I notice, is that everything is perky!

Special, special ladies that have made me the wife I am today...all 4 of them have modeled being faithful committed wives!
Bridesmaids Luncheon
Ash, Aunt Rosie, Mimi and Mom

My Pink Ladies...our friendships stronger now more than ever!
Absolutely wouldn't have a healthy marriage or be complete without them!

Seriously...are we getting ready for an 8th grade dance or our wedding?

The first man I loved! The epitomy of what it means to love unconditionally.
Both of us fightin' back tears!

Pure Bliss! Best day of the rest of my life!

On the actual day of our anniversary (Thursday) we ate dinner with friends at Chili's. Then I attended "Open House Back to School Night" at ASD while Nick took the kids swimming. Truly a sign of the times that we've been married 10 years!

Also blog worthy are the "ever-so-doha" flowers Nick had delivered for me on Thursday. If you know Nick, you know he's the type of guy that goes 110% on things. Its usually a great concept except when combined with anything "Doha". Don't misunderstand Nick's intention, he wasn't trying to prove anything...instead just do something a little extra special because it was a big anniversary. And don't misunderstand my intention of posting these pictures. I was more than appreciative but obviously I didn't need this to know how my much my husband loves me. Apparently in Doha bigger truly is better! Even when it looks like a casket arrangement. Needless to say, what arrived wasn't exactly what he had in mind, although it smelled wonderful :) One good thing about Doha is that most things are negotiable. Nick said he worked some magic and it didn't cost what you would think. I knew something was up when the delivery guy asked me if I had a table to set them on and then started clearing my laundry piles off of it. Not just moving them...clearing!! I grabbed my camera and saw this out of the window.

Doha Flare!

Gotta love the birds...

10 years is a big anniversary and it will always be remembered by the Doha flowers. I must say, all my favorites were included :)

In just a matter of days we'll be in the Maldives aka paradise to celebrate our anniversary. The 5 of us are going on our first-ever family vacation by ourselves. We've never vacationed with just mama, daddy and babies. Honestly thrilled I can celebrate 10 years with the little ones the Lord has bless us with along the way!

Here's where we'll be in just a few days!

No roads, just sand! And the temperature high is around 83! Praise Jesus!

(I know this is a family blog but since I'm the "poster" its heavy on the "poster" side of things, emotions and perspective.)


Jackie said...

Happy 10 YEAR Anniversary!! I love every single bit of this post...very sweet. :) And very obvious that God is in the center of your marriage. Truly an example of a Christian marriage. LOVE, LOVE the flowers!Again, we all laughed out DOHA!! Seriously beautiful flowers...and SO many of them!! Have so much fun in the Maldives...can't wait to hear all about it!! Many blessings on the next 10 years!

Sybil K said...

OH MY GOSH...I am cracking up over the flowers. I was looking at the pictures before I read and was wondering, My gosh, did somebody die?! I'm so glad you have the presence of mind to get the camera out on the fly! Great Doha moment :-)

Shannon said...

First of all, the flowers. Holy buckets! Your mom told me they were big....but never in my wildest dreams did I picture this! I don't know if I have ever seen anything like it. Pure-D-Greatness! hubby will ever be able to top that one! :-)

I cannot wait to see pictures of your vacation!

I love you friend and loved seeing us 10 years ago! :-)

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh my stars, not only did that van look like a hearse but the flowers look like you are about to host a rehearsal dinner! Are there vegetables in that arrangement, bc there should be. I showed Derek, hoping he might get the same variety in 6 weeks. Ha! This one will ALWAYS be remembered, Nick Junod! Sweet boy always getting you wonderful flowers. May your expectations be low from here on out.

And what's with the disclaimer at the end? Share away - I love it!

And cannot believe the awesomeness of your family vacay - looks like Lost Pines.... :-)

Gayla Harris said...

Happy Anniversary! The flowers seriously cracked me up! I too, thought they were funeral flowers and wondered who died! Only in Doha! Enjoy the Maldives with your beautiful family.

Katy said...

Missy, where do I even begin on this post?????

First of all, you and Nick look 16...and so does everyone else. hilarious. Secondly, I still love your bridesmaids dresses after all these years!
Thirdly---I BUSTED out laughing at the flowers! (with all due respect for Newell and his gesture!) Doha! come on! That was absolutely the best! hysterical laughing over here! :)

Lastly---I am super jealous of your Maldives trip. Never heard of it---now it's on my radar screen. CanNOT wait to see your pics!!
Oh and one more thing---sUcH sweet words you had for you hubby and your precious years together. Cheers to that, and cheers to y'all!! Your marriage is something to be praised and thankful for! Way to go!
(keep bringin yo perspective girl--that's why i read it!)

Sabina said...

I am dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad they smell good... we had some that had to go outside, they smelled so much it nearly killed us!!!!!!! I can't wait to show this to Brian and the boys!!! Way to go Nick!!!!
Miss you guys so much!!! Have a fabulous time in the maldives!

Ashley Franks said...

Love the pictures. I can't stop laughing about those flowers!! so funny! Have a great vacation!

Kylie said...

oh my goodness- I was just reading along, scrolling down when the first flower picture appeared. I laughed OUT LOUD and instantly made Ronny read the post- he laughed out loud, too. They are beautiful! :)

Happy Anniversary!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.... you'll never EVER forget those flowers. That is amazing.... Keith and I were reading this together and our jaws hit the floor. Serious casket flowers but they are really pretty. :) I would have loved to have seen Nick's reaction and yours for that matter. :) Hope you are having a blast on your vacation. super jealous! ... I loved seeing the wedding pics. So fun! Can't believe it was 10 years ago!!!!