Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday at Pre K

Brooks turned 5 on Saturday so we celebrated with his Pre K class on Thursday before the weekend. He requested we make number 5 cookies and his part was decorating them with the lovely Doha sprinkles! Nick and I arrived at 11:45 with Georgia, cookies and cameras in hand.

Brooks' teacher did a quick science lesson before we celebrated. Mrs. Chaplin placed a big yellow paper sun on the table and explained that the globe represented the world. In the picture below she's pointing out Qatar and telling how everyone is from a different place on the globe.

She had Brooks walk around the table/sun to represent an entire year. She added lots of fun details that the kids could relate to like when Brooks started to crawl, eat, walk, talk, etc.

Each time Brooks walked around the table he would come back to the spot he started and they would clap and count for the number of years. Mrs. Chaplin included all the details of when Barrett was born, when we moved to Doha and when Georgia was born. I was so impressed and the kids loved it. Some adults don't even know how the sun and the world relate to a single year.

Cookie time

She really is fantastic! I feel like we struck gold!

Mrs Chaplin asked if Daddy had time and would mind reading a book just before the day was over. Of course Nick stepped right up and did such a great job. Brooks was so proud!

After we got home Mrs Jennie dropped by to read the boys a funny book she knew they would enjoy. Something about dinosaurs and their underwear...their kind of humor! She's the best!

Had to throw these pics in. Georgia before church on Friday....enjoying some good ol grits!


shannonmichaelis said...

Happy 5, Brooks! Love that purple in your shirt, your birthday hat, your daddy in a suit, you sweet sister eating (gag) grits, and your new class. Such a big boy!

Katy said...

Eat those grits up for Aunt Katy, Georgia girl!! Thas right!!!! love it!

And, you know, my teacher self is loving the birthday/science lesson!! Way to integrate and find a teachable moment, Mrs. Chaplin!!! two thumbs UP

Happy Birthday, Brooks man. High five for fIvE!

Sabina said...

You did strike gold! She is awesome! Happy Birthday #5 to Brooks!

Jackie said...

How much fun! Happy Birthday Mr. Brooks!! We miss you guys! And Georgia looks TOO cute in that last picture!! Love her!