Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pinkalicious and a Shout Out

I know this is just the beginning of all the pink but so far, so fun. We haven't done much to change the nursery from blue to pink but this is a start. I had to post these pics of Georgia's crib bedding so I could give a shout out to the incredible seamstress who made it.

Lauren Griffith is the Material Girl
...she really is the Material Girl.

Her website doesn't do her justice. It doesn't have recent pictures. You can't see the detail or the true talent but you get the idea. She's made crib bedding for SO many of my Houston friends and my sister too. Wish I had some of their pictures so show how different they all are. I couldn't wait for her to get her hands working on Georgia's.

Not only is she incredibly talented, she's super cool, cute , sweet and has incredible taste. (and her prices are great) The only part I did was pick out one fabric...she did the rest from start to finish. She made the skirt, sheet, bumper and pillow. We just received a shipment last week with all of the nursery bedding plus a few other pink things. Needless to say...the bedding is pinkalicious. I love it but having two boys will make you really LOVE pink.

I had a last minute idea for her to make a small diaper bag for Georgia. We had some extra material for the Material Girl and she just whipped this up. The "G" was all her idea. Its so cute and perfect for a short little outing or for taking to the church nursery. Her bags are just as cute as the bedding.

Thank you Lauren!
You're awesome and I'm so thankful to have your fingerprints on Georgia's room all the way over here in Doha!!

Ok I have to also note that from this exchange of emails and contact with the Material Girl, she introduced me to one of her friends who just moved to Dubai. Emily and I have become great expat friends through emails and blogging. She and her family are adorable. We haven't met face to face but we will someday. I'll take all the Texans I can get over here in the Sand Box!


Caryn said...

So cute Wendi! I love all your girly fabrics. It just turned out precious.

I finally checked out buybuybaby today - pretty sweet spot.

I wanted to comment on your decade of togetherness post but I was reading it on my phone in lubbock and couldn't get my comment to post.

Anyway first of all - child bride - hello - ridiculous what where any of us thinking.

Perky - check :)

And the flowers, Oh my hilarious, got a good laugh out of that one! Only in Doha. Nice one Nick...and speaking of Nick - the massage video had me laughing too!!

Anywhoo, Miss you! Love you!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! Love it! Where the rug - did that look good in the room? And the shelves look fantastic! Love all he pink, but the blue polka dots are what made that contrast in that bedding. Love it!

Middle Matilda said...

Wendy, Just found your blog! How come yours looks so cute and pretty and interesting? Mine is rather boring and straightforward.. I will have to get some tips from you!
Amy McCarty

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

LOVE the is TOO cute!!! i LOVE reading your blog. i don't really read blogs much, but i love seeing what you and your cute family are doing!!!



Jenise Livesay said...

So happy to see the little girl's room! So cute and comfy looking. I want a sheet like that. Missing you!

Shannon said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could see it in person. I had a dream the other night that Brad came home with plane tickets to Doha. Pretty funny! Must have been missing you that day or something. Love you!

Katy said...

It's sooooooo pretty, Wendi!! I love it! And sister, you have NO idea how foreshadowing your comments are about beginning to love pInK. :) It will be ALL she wants in about 3-4 years!

Jackie said...

SO beautiful! I love, love the bedding! :) It looks like Ms. Georgia! And I love the little bag...too cute. Excited to see Maldives pictures! Miss ya'll...