Thursday, September 2, 2010

Snake Eyes

Nick has absolutely had his #1 Doha Day or WEEK I should say. And by #1, I mean #1 to go down in history as a classic memory and experience. We've spent the week laughing our heads off and scared out of our minds. I'll let the video explain most of it.

Pre-video set up :
After eating out earlier this week, Nick and the boys went to get their hair cut. Nick has been wanting to go to the "Hair cut Souq" so he battled through a little Iftar traffic and gave the boys and himself a true Doha experience.

When Nick called me on his way home, he said "I'm sorry it took so long. I had to stop the guy from massaging my stomach". What? I was pretty sure that was a bit of a stretch. Surely NOT! Nick said "it was so strange and awkward, I videoed it on my phone. You'll see when I get home." I still thought to myself he was exaggerating a little and it couldn't have been that bad.

Nick has never had a massage and probably never will. He doesNOT enjoy it or find it relaxing...and even worse he's totally disturbed by the idea of a man rubbing his body, which is understandable. In Doha there is a strict rule/law that same sex massages are only done. So man massages a and man and woman massages a woman. You keep things from getting kinky and to follow conservative Islamic beliefs.

Apparently the footage below is the typical treatment for one who is male and needs a simple hair cut. Thankfully the boys didn't get the entire treatment.

After that wonderful experience. I literally watched the video and peed in my pants. Seriously, if you know Nick and his personality combined with the funny ways of "Doha" this goes down in history as one of his most uncomfortable moments.

Unfortunately the situation worsened. After we laughed and went to bed. Nick woke up for a Fantasy Football draft at 3am with some buddies back in the States. His eyes were killing him but he thought it was because he was tired. He just went back to bed without looking at them. We were both shocked and scared to see "Snake Eyes" the next morning. These pictures don't tell the truth. He looked scary and his eyes were more than just a little blood shot.

The company health hotline assumed he had a severe case of conjuctivitis. So I immediately washed sheets, clothes and towels. Nick drove straight to the hospital instead of work but stopped a few times because his vision was blurred. Of course after getting to the hospital he was told the opthamologist's office was closed and they weren't sure what time it would open. Maybe 9:30, maybe 10:30...SO DOHA! Finally he got in to see a great doctor. The doctor was unable to see his retina because the cornea was so foggy. At that point Nick's vision was really limited and his eyes were in extreme pain. The doctor determined there was something acidic under his eyelids irritating them severely. So whatever was on the massage hands must have gotten in Nick's eyes. It actually wasn't anything contagious. Immediately the doc gave him some anesthetic drops that seemed to help. And then gave him one contact (another DOHA moment) to put in one of his eyes. He only had one contact on hand so Nick was instructed to pick another one up at a pharmacy, plus a prescription. After stopping at multiple pharmacies (darn Doha) he finally found another contact and then spent way too long attempting to put it in his eye...he doesn't wear contacts! After 2 days of protective contacts and drops...his eyes have cleared up and feel much better. Each day he's more comfortable and feeling back to his 20/20 self. I'm honestly so thankful this wasn't worse. I've never gone so quickly from laughing to praying. And thank goodness it wasn't the boys.


shannonmichaelis said...

I only wish that could happen to me when I got my hair cut! :-) But so awkward watching so much of it with Nick! So glad the eyes are better. WHat the heck?

amanda said...

oh my. i LOVE that he videoed it. hilarious!

Shannon said...

That video is priceless! Seriously, the look on his face said it all! Poor guy! So glad he is better. Next time tell the dude to lay off his eyes when massaging Nick's head! OUCH!

Jennifer McWilliams said...

oh my word... really, that's all i have to say! i was busting at the seams watching nick's face- priceless!

Katy said...

sO FUNNY! I kept chuckling every time Nick would look up at the ceiling or smile. I mean--to be a fly on the wall!
And, yes, it was so awkward watching that! Let's not massage the men, people!!

Bethany said...

I am so sorry to laugh at Nick's expense, but seriously that was TOO funny. Poor Nick....his facial expressions during the time were priceless! Glad everything is much better now! Love, Bethany

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.... I was laughing so hard. Just imagining Nick sitting there with a guy rubbing all over him and the little smirk that would come over his face made tears roll down my cheeks!! Oh my goodnes...what a memory!!!

Jackie said...

SNAKE EYES! Oh my gosh! We were dying lauging!! My mom, sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, Mark...we all watched it over and over and were crying! Seriously... funny stuff. I'm so glad Nick is ok though...when you first told me the story...I was praying he didn't lose his vision!!

Brooke Martin Photography said...

Oh my goodness! Tom and I just watched this and cannot stop laughing. We feel horrible that Nick had the eye problem afterwards, but the video is just plain funny! We love you guys:)