Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun spots in Doha!

Over the weekend we went to dinner in the Souqs (middle eastern market) with a fantastic group of peeps. I must say it was my favorite Souq dining experience I've had since living here. And we'll be back. Its mostly about the atmosphere but the food was good too. Of course the company was the best part.

Isfarhan is Iranian and it cost 22 million Riyal to build...that's about 6 million DOLLARS! The decor and interior are amazing, stunning really. The kind of decor you just stare at and no words come out of your mouth. Its beautiful and extravagant.

And eating on the floor was fun too. The guys tested their flexibility and the kids simply had a picnic with breakable drinking glasses that quickly replaced with coke cans :)

(the adults were just to the left on the other side of the little wall at our on little floor table)
Nick and Wendi, Lindsay and Brad, Greg and Donna, Jennie and Eric


Georgia was perched between Lindsay, me and the pillow.

Georgia mouthing the spoon!

The view of the ceiling from my seat on the floor.

Eric found the treasure...our bill.

The special room and table for a bride and groom...

Leaving the restaurant through this long hallway.

Miss Donna and Georgia admiring such interesting decor.

So I don't want to be a Debbie Downer or a Duncan Downer but the honestly I'm a little DOWN! Our dear friends the Duncans are moving to Houston in a few weeks (on my birthday, to make it worse)! I won't do a Duncan tribute in this post but there's one coming. To put it simply, I'm so thankful God brought them to Doha when he did and even more thankful for the friendship that has grown over the past 2 years.

This guy wanted in the picture.

Jennie and Bear...She's gonna be the best mom one day. For now, if you need a tutor in her! She's awesome!

Yesterday the ladies of the above group spent some quality time at Doha's Chocolate Bar...Hello! I'm not a chocolate liker, not lover but I loved everything about what we experienced.

Incredible refreshments...

(not pictured but awesome was the PBJ on chocolate bread, chocolate chip banana bread as well as a few salads)
Chocolate Fondue complete with homemade marshmallows..unreal!

Horrible picture but the girls are some of my faves!
Jennie, Donna, Lindsay and me (sweet Cres was along for the indulgence too)


Katy said...

Wow. That Doha is just hard to believe! With every post I'm amazed at the extravagance!! really! We would have no idea what's going on in that part of the world if it weren't for your blog. Thanks for letting me live through you!

Leslie said...

Such a God thing that you and Lindsey are both there right now. Awesome!!!