Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Every night during the holy month of Ramadan Qatar military shoot off a cannon to signal the breaking of fast. So just as the sun goes down the cannon BOOM! And I mean BOOM!

Checking out the cannon and hanging around. Also this is just proof that Brad Harris exists. He's Lindsay's husband and a great friend of our's. For some reason he hasn't been included in my pics. Once I again, I'm so thankful the Harris's moved to Doha!

Emery, Barrett and Cres

The bunch! Took Brooks a while to get close to the cannon.

Little Georgia, Daddy and the cannon

Linsday and me with Georgie

Getting ready...the build up and anticipation is pretty intense.

Finally...the BOOM. One second of extreme volume. Then its over! Fun and so LOUD while it lasted.

Just one more day of Ramadan! Whoohoo.


shannonmichaelis said...

Once again, another bizarre Doha ritual that the rest of us are now aware of!

Kristin said...

So fun to see Lindsey in your pictures!!! I know you guys are so blessed to have each other. :)