Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little Sand, A lot of Sanity!

Today we explored a little area of Qatar, just north of Doha (about a 45 minute drive). We heard there was a beach worth checking out. Turned out to be awesome. We loved it and it was by far the prettiest beach we've been to around here. White soft sand and beautiful water. The wind was intense but hopefully it won't be so strong the next time we go. Boys loved it and I was reminded of the simple pleasures of Doha that I don't get back at home. The beach was pretty much empty and it was also very clean. The ease of jumping in our car and driving to a beautiful beach is a little gift even when I'm dying for some fall weather, football and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!

So here comes the sanity. The husband in our house hasn't quite been himself since he left his lawn equipment back home in storage. Seriously, its the one thing he regrets not shipping over here! I know some guys would pay a ton of money to have someone do that chore but not Nick. The man survives on sweat and yard work. Honestly, when living in Texas if he was stressed or had a lot on his mind, he spent time working on the yard. We had a huge backyard in Texas and he loved the idea of mowing that sucker.

Well, it has been weeks since our gardener has mowed our lawn. He comes and waters the grass and pretends to look busy but we're not sure what he does...which is apparent in the photos. So after church on Friday, Nick just walked over a few streets and snagged the mower. No one works on Friday and the gardener's equipment is just parked over in a random villa. So all of a sudden the boys and I woke up from a little afternoon nap and Nick was taking care of business with a big smile on his face. Not only did he mow, he did some serious labor in the backyard.

The brush below is piled in the middle of our cud-de-sac. We'll see if it goes anywhere or just turns to mulch :)

Clean, sand-free Boys! Who knew these towels I picked up over the summer would be such entertainment EVERYNIGHT! This picture comes with loud sound effects. Trust me you don't want to hear them.


Ashley Hall said...

The boys in the towels crack me up! I can just here them screaming their animal noises! So glad Nick got some therapy outside!

shannonmichaelis said...

i am glad that nick got his fill - we won't need no stinkin' gardner! love the hoodies!

angie said...

Those towels are too cute! I love that Nick "borrowed" the mower. A man after my own heart, sometimes you gotta just do it yourself:-).

Katy said...

I mean, those two boys of yours are eat 'em up cute! :) I can't get enough. Love the shout out to homegrown landscaping. :) All-American, baby. And---I'm so glad you're getting your fill of the beaches while you're there. I would pay big bucks to be able to just hop in the car and be at a beach in minutes!

nanflan said...

Good for Nick! I think he and my hubby are the only ones who find satisfaction in doing yard work. The flowers look great though...What! You don't miss Galveston?

Stefani said...

Your pictures and descriptions of adventures are priceless..thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to Brooks. What's easiest for you to use, Visa gift card or personal check...if you don't mind shopping for me :-)